Protesters observe anniversary of Iraq war |

Protesters observe anniversary of Iraq war

The traffic was heading both ways Friday evening as Steamboat Springs filed home for the weekend.

Anyone distracted by thoughts of chores to be done and groceries to be purchased immediately were pulled out of their daydreams into a darker reality as their cars pulled passed the courthouse.

Along the sidewalk, stretching from Fifth Street to Sixth Street, was a line of protesters holding up signs.

“The second anniversary of the Iraq War is not a celebration.”

“Be the change.”

“Peace is patriotic.”

“Can democracy be spread at gunpoint?”

“100,000 Iraqis will never vote.”

The signs were written in clean black lettering thanks to the work of local artist Anne Rooney.

“This is important to me,” Rooney said. “Too often protesters are seen as scruffy and disheveled. So we wore our nice clothes and we have legible, respectable signs.”

`The United States invaded Iraq on March 19, 2003. Protests such as the one on Lincoln Avenue are expected to be held nationwide today.

The Steamboat Springs Peace and Justice Center chose to hold its “Bring Home the Troops” rally a day early to reach the maximum number of people in downtown.

“I’d like to see Mr. Bush get out of Iraq,” said protester Evelyn Richman, 78.

“Stop wasting the lives of our youngest and our finest. What are they giving their lives for — oil, money, greed and power.”

According to the Pentagon, the number of American military personnel who have died in Iraq recently topped 1,500.

“I can’t believe it took me this long to protest,” said Marianne Capra, 34.

As the 30-odd protesters held up their signs, a petition for peace was passed around and signed. The petition was created by the American Friends and will be signed at every protest across the nation this weekend. The petitions will then be presented to President Bush.

“I would like to see us grow to a point where we don’t have to commit mass murder to solve conflict,” said Johnny Walker.

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