Principal forced to down tin of sardines |

Principal forced to down tin of sardines

Students rewarded for summer reading

Lee Harstad

— A summer-long reading session paid off for Craig Intermediate School (CIS) students Wednesday as they watched Principal Bruce Gregg eat sardines.

In the summer reading program “Title Wave,” students in kindergarten through ninth grade were asked to keep a log of all minutes they spent reading during the summer. The program runs in conjunction with the Moffat County public library system and each summer the principals and the library set a goal. If this goal is attained, principals are required to perform a somewhat humiliating public act.

Following the past four summers, principals have been made to kiss pigs, milk goats, take a pie in the face and this year eat sardines.

Principal Gregg commented the program is very successful and he does not mind eating sardines because it is a reward for the students.

The goal this year was 300,000 minutes of reading time and the students exceeded that number reading for 480,000 minutes. Eleven-year-old Katie Knez led the way by reading for 12,000 minutes. She enjoyed watching Gregg eat the raw fish and commented that her reading skills have definitely improved.

According to Ginny Franks, children’s librarian at the Craig-Moffat County Library, the program had its largest turnout this year with 562 students participating.

“We had great participation this year and all activities were well attended,” Franks said. “There was an average of 75 kids at each activity.”

The theme “Title Wave” included sea-related activities and a summers-end picnic with 130 kids attending. Once a week this summer the library held story time and kids were invited to partake in festivities. Story time not only involved story readings, but also activities geared toward the Title Wave theme. Projects such as ocean in a bottle, seashell surprise, a video of “Island of the Blue Dolphins” and professional story tellers reading popular books.

The theme next year is “Set the Stage” and details are still being developed.


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