Presidential Primary 2020: Moffat County sees nearly 50 percent of voters turn out on Super Tuesday |

Presidential Primary 2020: Moffat County sees nearly 50 percent of voters turn out on Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday in Moffat County was a busy day for election judge volunteers. Inside the counting room at Moffat County Courthouse, volunteers Arloa Gerber (left) and Shamra Grajeda (right) count submitted ballots prior to the closure of the polls.
Joshua Carney / Craig Press

While Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders (D-VT) was called the early winner of Colorado on Super Tuesday shortly after the polls closed around 7 p.m., there will undoubtedly be a delay in announcing an official winner from the state level in the upcoming days.

According to the Colorado Sun, that delay in an official announcement is rooted in how the Colorado Democratic Party awards national delegates and in the state’s mail-ballot system. It will generate concerns similar to the ones that plagued the Iowa caucus.

Sixty-seven delegates are up for grabs in Colorado on Super Tuesday — the state’s first all-mail presidential primary — but it’s not a winner-take-all contest based on the popular vote.

The statewide vote will only determine how 23 delegates are allocated. The remaining 44 delegates — which is roughly two-thirds of the total delegates — are decided based on the results in each of the state’s seven congressional districts.

That split process therefore means it’s possible for more than one candidate to claim victory in Colorado based on who wins the popular vote and who wins the most delegates to the national party convention.

The state party won’t begin to allocate delegates until the day after the primary — and, if the vote is close, it may take more than a week to know the winner, state Democratic Party leaders told The Colorado Sun.

In Moffat County, voters showed up to the booths and ballot boxes on Tuesday. According to the Moffat County Clerk & Recorder’s Office, Moffat County residents cast 3,792 votes out of 7,753 registered voters. That 48.91 percent voter turnout was a significant increase from the 2016 Presidential Primary when roughly 33 percent of Moffat County voters came out to the booths and ballot boxes.

Much like he did at the state level, Sanders unofficially won the Democratic Primary in Moffat County, claiming 201 votes as of 8 p.m. March 3. Sanders entered Super Tuesday with strong polling in Colorado. Recent results showed him with an advantage of anywhere from 9 to 20 percentage points.

The next closest competitor to Sanders in Moffat County votes was former Vice President Joe Biden, who received 143 votes.

Unofficial Democratic Presidential Primary results for Moffat County

  1. Bernie Sanders – 201 (36.6 percent)
  2. Joe Biden – 143 (26 percent)
  3. Michael Bloomberg – 90 (16.4 percent)
  4. Elizabeth Warren – 81 (14.7 percent)
  5. Tulsi Gabbard – 12 (2.2 percent)
  6. Andrew Yang – 6 (1.1 percent)
  7. Cory Booker – 5 (1 percent)
  8. Marianne Williamson – 4 (0.7 percent)
  9. Roque ”Rocky” De La Fuente III – 3 (0.5 percent)
  10. Tom Steyer, Deval Patrick, Rita Krichevsky, and Robby Wells – 1 each (0.7 percent, total)

According to Tammy Raschke of the Moffat County Clerk & Recorder’s Office, 549 votes were counted for Democrats in Moffat County. For the Republican Presidential Primary, 3,102 votes were cast.

President Donald J. Trump ran away with the vote in Moffat County and the state of Colorado as a whole, receiving 2,983 of the 3,102 votes, or 96.2 percent of the vote in Moffat County.

Unofficial Republican Presidential Primary results for Moffat County

  1. Donald J. Trump – 2,983 (96.2 percent)
  2. Bill Weld – 38 (2.5 percent)
  3. Joe Walsh – 34 (1.1 percent)
  4. Matthew John Matern – 26 (0.8 percent)
  5. Robert Ardini – 11 (0.3 percent)
  6. Zoltan G. Istvan – 10 (0.3 percent)

As of 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, Sanders received 36.21 percent of the Democratic vote in Colorado, while Bloomberg was second with 23.11 percent of the vote. President Trump rolled to a resounding victory in Colorado, claiming 92.75 percent of the vote.

This is a developing story. The Craig Press will provide updates as they become available.

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