Preacher Bill and Blondie Lyon: Fruita |

Preacher Bill and Blondie Lyon: Fruita

With a bit of nostalgia and the many memories of our old hometown, Craig.

Please note that this is not the first crisis for the City of Craig or Moffat County, the planners or the hospital board. There have been many ups and downs through the boom and bust days.

There was a time when the city could not afford a swimming pool and the swimmers were found daily during the summer on the Seeley place or the mouth of Fortification Creek. I think it was the ColoWyo Coal Company that came to help build the first pool.

When the population changed from 2,500 to 4,000, we saw a lot of changes. Barclay Street from Eighth Street to Ninth Street was called Nelson Hill and was our ski hill. No houses were north of there. People living east of the Fortification Creek lived in Rosedale, and those on lower Stout and Steel Street lived in Davis Gardens. A dust cloud hung over the town, because there were no paved streets nor alleyways.

City officials such as Sheriff Kreiger, Bill Terrill, officers Dad Mills, Ollie Haughey, Dean Lawton and many others. Colorful characters such as Cap Beckett, and Major Lawrence. Mills Craig and his dog, Mary Holland who got bit by a snake and the snake died (her story). Tom Rogers whose cash drawer was a three layer wallet he carried in his pocket. He paid all bills in cash and whatever was left at the end of the year was his profit. Drove the first IRS people crazy. Superintendent of Schools J.C. Stoddard, who drove children all over the country with his artificial gas pedal leg that knew only one speed: fast …

These things have passed into the annals of time just as TMH will, and someday some of your children or grandchildren can say, “I can remember when the Prairie Hospital (perhaps a new name for TMH) was just off Yampa Avenue on Russell and Tucker Streets.”

You all will get through it. Carnations for those who lay awake nights for the good and the future of others.

With love, your former neighbors,

Preacher Bill and Blondie Lyon


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