Prather’s Pick: ‘The Little Lost Lamb’ tells story of Easter |

Prather’s Pick: ‘The Little Lost Lamb’ tells story of Easter

Diane Prather/For Craig Press
Prather's Pick

With Easter Sunday in mind, this week’s column reviews “The Little Lost Lamb,” a book for children written and illustrated by Mary Pat Ettinger.

Readers will undoubtedly remember Mary Pat, who lived in Craig about 38 years. She worked at the Museum of Northwest Colorado for 17 years and was well known for her artwork. Mary Pat has since moved to Montrose, where she has a studio.

The book’s story is based on Matthew 18:10-14, a Judeo-Christian parable. The little lamb at the center of the story is absolutely adorable. He is guaranteed to steal the reader’s heart.

Mary Pat says she first wrote the story for her children and used it in Sunday School. Then, when her grandchildren came along and they enjoyed the story, she re-drafted the illustrations and had the book published.

As the little book begins, the reader meets a good shepherd who has 100 sheep. He takes good care of them, escorting them to green pastures and clear water during the day, then taking them back to the safety of their pen at night. Because of the rocky terrain and the predators that hide there, the shepherd keeps close watch over the sheep.

Each night, the shepherd counts his sheep to make sure they are all there before closing the pen gate. One night, he comes up one short. There are only 99. He knows that the missing one is the littlest lamb.

It’s getting late, but the shepherd goes back to the pasture and calls for the lamb.

This is a gentle book with wonderful illustrations. Children will love the story, and there is also a message for parents about the importance of nurturing children.

You can find “The Little Lost Lamb” at Downtown Books or at Fiber Works in Craig. It costs $10 in softcover.

Mary Pat has also written “Healing in a Birdsong,” a book of encouragement for women. You can find it at Fiber Works. Mary Pat is a busy author and illustrator. She has just finished a book about the Christmas story that hasn’t yet been published, and she is currently working on a book about Chipeta.

You can reach Mary Pat at


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