Prather’s Pick: Reasons for being thankful |

Prather’s Pick: Reasons for being thankful

Diane Prather

This week's picture book for kids is a reminder that we don't have to wait until Thanksgiving to be thankful. In fact, the author encourages the book's readers to try to remember some of the things for which they're thankful each day.

"The Thankful Book" was written and illustrated by Todd Parr who is the author of more than 30 books for children. This week's book was published by Little, Brown and Company, copyright 2012.

A portion of the book's front cover has been cut out so that there is a frame for a picture (drawing) behind it. The book's cover and illustrations jump out at the reader because they're done in vibrant colors. The people in the "photo" have orange, purple, yellow and blue skin and hair. Besides people, there are two dogs in the photo. A darling mouse, wearing a tie, is apparently the one who took the picture.

The two dogs apparently represent the author's dogs, Pete and Tater Tot, because they look just like the dogs in a back cover photo with Parr. The two dogs appear in several of the book's illustrations.

So what might kids be thankful for? First of all, it might be for hair "because it makes me unique." It does, indeed. The little girl in the illustration has a lot of hair, and it's purple.

An elephant is thankful for is big pink ears because he can hear words like "I love you."

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A bird perched on one of his ears is saying, "Tweet, tweet." Perhaps that translates to "I love you."

A young boy is thankful for his underwear, that has a brightly-colored design, because he can wear it on his head. He isn't wearing any at the moment, but the dog is.

On one page two skunks are kissing. They're thankful for kisses because it makes them feel loved. The black and white skunks have been drawn on a dark blue background with lots of hearts between them and wavy lines for… well, you know.

These are just some of the reasons for being thankful. The book ends with a family gathered at a big table for a holiday meal (possibly Thanksgiving), thankful for the holiday that brings them together. One of the dogs is there, too, and a cat with green, red, purple, yellow, and blue dots on its orange fur. Three cute little mice sit at a tiny table with three blue plates and a slice of cheese they're about to share.

I got a chuckle when I looked at the family members' shoes. The shoes' colors don't match. I thought of my granddaughter Megan who loves to wear socks that don't match!

Anyway, this easy-to-read book has a wonderful message about being positive. Besides that, the book is just plain fun!

Parr is the author of the New York Times bestselling book, "The I Love You Book." He has written other books with intriguing titles such as "The Underwear Book" and "The I'm Not Scared Book."

This week's book costs $9.99 in hardcover. You can also find it in the children's room at the Craig Moffat County Library.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!