Prather’s Pick: An inspirational book |

Prather’s Pick: An inspirational book

Diane Prather/For Craig Press

When we hear Tim Tebow’s name, we immediately recall his athletic achievements. After all, he was a two-time national college football champion, a Heisman Trophy winner, and a first-round NFL draft pick. He played in the NFL for the Denver Broncos and New York Jets. Then he signed a professional baseball contract with the New York Mets.

He’s involved in other pursuits as well, including his participation in the Tim Tebow Foundation that he started in 2010. According to a short biography in this week’s featured book, his “true passion” is the foundation that serves thousands of deserving children around the world.

And on top of everything else, Tebow is an author. He has drawn from his many experiences to write several inspirational books for adults and young readers. All of the books are based on personal stories and biblical principles. His first book, “Shaken,” was not only a New York Times bestseller but also the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association 2017 book of the year.

This week’s Prather’s Pick is Tebow’s most recent (2018) book: “This Is the Day: Reclaim Your Dream. Ignite Your Passion. Live Your Purpose.” Collaborator for the book was A.J. Gregory.

In the introduction to the book, Tebow challenges the reader to treat each day that God has made as a gift to do something meaningful. (Thus the book’s title.) Perhaps it is the day to overcome a bad habit or to step closer to dreams or goals or a day to fight for what’s right or plenty of other reasons. It doesn’t matter your age, either.

Each of the twelve chapters in the book is titled “This Is the Day” but each has a specific goal in mind, such as “Get in the Game,” “Believe in What Really Matters,” and “Go Back to the Well.” Tebow gets his point across by recalling personal experiences and telling stories about people he’s met and how experiencing God’s influence has changed his life. Each chapter ends with a summary which includes tips for making our lives the best they can be.

The personal stories in Tebow’s book aren’t only about sports but also about people he has met in airports, on planes, and in prisons — just about anywhere he goes. Some are moving stories about young people, like a young girl with an untreatable disease. She had a goal to attend the Night to Shine Prom, and she did — not to just attend but to participate as well, dancing away in her beautiful gown.

Tebow credits his parents for helping him to be successful no matter how uncomfortable the situation. He recalls that he did not like to talk in front of people so his parents made sure that he took part in plays and made presentations at science fairs. He struggled with dyslexia, and it’s clear that it hasn’t held him back.

“This Is the Day” is truly inspirational. The hardcover book sells for $25, but you can also find the book at the Craig branch of Moffat County Libraries. Look for it in the display of new books.


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