Prather’s Pick: An FBI Thriller |

Prather’s Pick: An FBI Thriller

Diane Prather/For Craig Press

​Catherine Coulter is the author of 85 (!) novels, which include books in the FBI Thriller series and the Brit in the FBI international series, the latter co-authored with J.T. Ellison. This week’s novel, “Labyrinth,” is her newest (2019) novel in the Thriller Series. 

​This newest novel continues with the adventures of two FBI agents, Dillon Savich and his wife Sherlock. The novel begins as Sherlock is headed home after a meeting concerning some middle school murders. Suddenly she has to turn the wheel of her Volvo to avoid being hit by a black SUV. The SUV hits her anyway, on the passenger side of the car, causing a chain reaction that involves several vehicles. Sherlock’s car finally hits a fire hydrant. 

​The air bag goes off in Sherlock’s car just as she sees the flash of a body flying across the hood of her car and then bouncing off. There is blood on the windshield. Sherlock loses consciousness. 

​The man who ended up on the hood of Sherlock’s car is Justice Cummings, a CIA man. He was being chased by a man and woman; he doesn’t know why. He has a broken nose and a cut on his leg but is able to run into an alley and get away. Witnesses don’t know who he is.

​Meanwhile, Savich has been notified of the accident and rushes to the hospital to his wife. Sherlock has bruises, cuts, and abrasions, and her red hair is black with blood. She also has a concussion that leaves her with amnesia. She doesn’t remember Savich or that she has a son,Sean. 

​Also at the hospital is Jasmine Palumbo, the driver of the black SUV that hit Sherlock’s car. She came out of the accident with some bruises. She is a security engineer for the BexholtGroup, headed by Nikki Bexholt (Athena). Palumbo and two other team members were trying to catch Justice Cummings. Palumbo was trying to head him off and didn’t see Sherlock’s car. The Bexholt Group is up to some illegal stuff involving the Russians, and Cummings is wise to them. 

​In another twist, Special FBI Agent Griffin Hammersmith is visiting Gaffer’s Ridge in Virginia when he comes to the rescue of Carson DeSilva, a reporter who has come to the town to interview a Nobel-winning scientist. She was tied up and locked in a basement but manages to get loose. She has managed to gain valuable information about the possible murder of three teenage girls. It all involves the town’s prominent Bodine family who is suspected of having special powers. 

​Griffin and Carson get involved in the investigation into the teenage girls’ possible murders. The investigation brings Savich and Sherlock to town, too, and Sherlock helps though she still has memory loss.

​This is a thriller, indeed, with lots of twists and turns. The book is published by Gallery Books. The hardcover book costs $27.99. You can also find the book, with other new books, at the Craig branch of Moffat County Libraries.


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