Prather’s Pick: A new book about Farmer Brown’s animals |

Prather’s Pick: A new book about Farmer Brown’s animals

Diane Prather

This last weekend when my sister, Darlene Blackford from Rocky Ford, came to visit she brought a new picture book with her and graciously lent it to me. I had not seen it yet, but I immediately loved it!

“Click, Clack, peep!” is the newest picture book in a series about the antics of Farmer Brown’s cows, sheep, chickens, duck and even some mice. The books are written by Doreen Cronin and illustrated by Betsy Lewin. The first book, “Click, Clack, MOO,” received a Caldecott Honor for its humorous watercolor illustrations. Similar illustrations can be found in all of the books from the series.

If the reader pays close attention to the credit pages found at the beginning of the book, he or she will notice that a delivery truck is arriving at the farm. Three cows surely notice. So does Duck, who, for some reason, looks quite proud. The delivery man hands him a small crate-like box that’s tied up with a pink bow.

“Click, Clack, peep!” Inside is an egg.

Farmer Brown peers out the window. The farm is quiet — too quiet. It turns out that everyone is watching the egg.

There it is on some straw, an egg with a tiny crack in it already. The animals stand right over it with questioning expressions on their faces. There isn’t a moo, oink, baa, or cluck to be heard.

Then suddenly the egg cracks big time. A yellow wing pokes through the shell and then a webbed foot. Finally, there it is — a baby duck! No wonder Duck stood so tall and proud when the delivery truck arrived.

The baby duck turns out to be a very busy baby, indeed! She laughs and waddles and plays and peeps. Boy, does she peep! Night comes, and the duck is still “peeping.”

The animals are tired. They yawn great big yawns. However, the baby duck isn’t slowing down one bit.

The chickens sing a lullaby as one hen rocks her. The cows pull down the shades. The sheep knit a pink blanket and wrap the baby in it. No use — the baby duck will not sleep. PEEP, PEEP, PEEP!

The farm animals go outside to sleep.

Then Duck, who has been wearing headphones all this time, takes them off and goes to the outdoor hammock where Farmer Brown is sleeping. He puts the headphones over the farmer’s ears. Duck is up to something. There’s a surprise ending that will leave readers wanting to hug somebody.

This series of books is popular with kids because of the repetition of words and the humorous antics of the animals. If you have children — or even if you don’t have children — this heartwarming book is a must read. It will leave you feeling good all over.

I called Liane Davis-Kling at Downtown Books about the price of the book. She can order the hardcover book in for $15.75, plus tax. So, I ordered one. The book is published by Atheneum Books for Young Readers (2015).

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