Prather’s Pick: ​Dogs and cats meet face to face |

Prather’s Pick: ​Dogs and cats meet face to face

​James Patterson holds the Guinness World Record for the Most New York Times bestselling novels. He has also received the Literarian Award for Outstanding Service to the American Library Community from the National Book Foundation. Besides writing his popular novels for adults, Patterson has created a children’s book imprint: JIMMY Patterson Books. The mission of the imprint is: “We want every kid who finishes a JIMMY book to say, ‘Please give me another book.’”

​“Katt vs. Dogg,” this week’s Prather’s Pick, is an example of the JIMMY books. It’s a wacky book with a message about working together. The book, written by Patterson, in collaboration by Chris Grabenstein, is intended for young adults. The illustrations in the book were done by Anuki Lopez. 

​This book is fun from beginning to end. It begins as the dogg family is traveling down the interstate in an old pickup truck. Dad, Mom, Oscar, and teenage Fifi are off to Western Frontier Park. As they drive along a katt from the SUV in the next lane spits a hairball which lands on the pickup’s windshield. Then it happens again, and the SUV speeds off.

​Now Dad dogg isn’t about to let things go. He speeds up and zips in and out of traffic until he’s parallel with the black SUV. He shouts to Mr. Whiskers, “Watch where you’re pukin.’” Oscar loves to hear his dad yell at the katts.

​Meanwhile, the katt family is listening to classic music in their new, fully-equipped SUV with a litter box behind the backseat. The Hissleton family is made up of Father, Mother, son Blade, and Molly, about Oscar’s age. They’re traveling along at about 80 miles an hour as the doggs come up alongside, and both fathers exchange insults. It’s the kind of thing that happens when doggs hate katts and katts hate doggs.

​It turns out that both families are headed for Western Frontier Park. Visitors are greeted by hawkowl, a park ranger, riding a horse with antlers (part horse, part moose). The doggs and katts have their own camps. 

​The doggs take advantage of the camp’s activities right away. Mom packs a lunch with sandwiches filled with meat loaf, cheese, and peanut butter. While on the hike, Oscar comes upon a squirrel. Oscar chases the squirrel for two hours, until the sun starts to set. Then he chases the squirrel for another hour. Before long he is totally lost.

​Meanwhile, the Hissletons hang up a missing Katt poster. Molly, with white fur and blue eyes, (an aspiring actress) is missing. She was last seen chasing a butterfly. 

​Now Oscar and Molly are both missing in the wilderness where lots of wild beasts live, such as mountain lion, bear, and some hybrid animals, too, like weaselboars. Hawkowl calls on her elite rescue squad, grizzly wolfbears and lionodiles. 

​It isn’t long before Oscar and Molly find one another and, despite their hate for each other, have to work together to find the camp. 

​This is a funny, imaginative story with a twist to its ending.

“Katt vs Dogg” is $13.99 in hardcover, or you can find it with the new books at the Craig branch of Moffat County Libraries.

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