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Pool a family affair for Concis

David Pressgrove

Concimania is sweeping the Craig Swimming Complex this summer.

There’s a sign on the door announcing the “Conci of the Week.” In the break room, there’s a shoebox covered in green construction paper called the Conci Box, and the locker room has spaces labeled “Queen Conci,” “Princess Conci” “Conci Slave 1,” and “Conci Slave 2.”

The name is everywhere. It’s so common at the pool that one young swimmer’s best guess was that it was a place or thing.

“I had some little boy ask me ‘What’s a Conci?'” Caitlin Conci said.

To answer his question, Conci is the last name of four sisters, Caitlin, Kelsey, Brenna and Cara. They are all lifeguards this summer and there hasn’t been a time when one of them wasn’t on duty.

Cara, the oldest, will be a sophomore in college next year. Brenna will be a senior in high school and twins Caitlin and Kelsey will be high school sophomores.

The youngest sisters were the first to make the pool a popular place with the family when they joined the Sea Sharks summer swim club. The next year, Cara joined and a year later, Brenna became a Shark.

The sisters started as lifeguards in the opposite order. Cara has been at the pool for four years, Brenna is in her third year, and the twins are rookies.

“It’s a good job because you don’t have to get up too early,” Cara said. “It’s fun to be here.”

They all agreed and Kelsey added, “it’s pretty good pay for what we do.”

Brenna is the only sister who hasn’t competed on the high school team, but all four have been around the pool often.

Between morning swim practice, swim lessons and lifeguard duties, it can be a long day at the pool.

“There was one day when I was here for 12 hours,” Caitlin said.

Caitlin and Kelsey took lifeguard classes in February and that’s when the four realized they would be working together.

“It was probably inevitable that we’d all be here sometime,” Brenna said. Caitlin and Kelsey are two of the top female swimmers in Craig. They have qualified for the Junior Olympics during summer club.

Kelsey qualified in the 50-meter freestyle two weeks ago and last weekend in Delta, Caitlin qualified in the 100 backstroke.

The twins also make up half of two relay teams that have qualified for J.O.s.

The abundance of Concis has given the workers at the pool reason to joke.

The foursome agreed that their presence is discussed frequently.

Walking together elicits comments like “it’s a stampede of Concis” or “they’re all over the place.” Sometimes the joke is that they are trying to take over the pool.

Lifeguard Jerry Davis decided to make a competition for the Concis by creating the Conci of the Week award.

The “Conci of the Week” box, simply known as the “Conci Box,” has a slot for co-workers to vote for the top sister of the week.

Each vote lists a reason why the candidate should receive the honor.

“I think I won it this week because it was my birthday,” said Cara.

Co-worker Chad Eitel said he voted for Cara because she fixed him and another guard a sandwich during a break.

During one shift three of the sisters were standing in a row around the wave pool. Eitel said “if you guys were a slot machine we’d have a jackpot.” So far, that’s the best line of the summer.

“It was one of those, you-have-to-be-there moments,” Eitel said. “It’s fun to make a big deal out of, but really it’s not that big of a deal.”

The sisters agreed that the joking has been fun, but that it’s never been real serious.

“It gives them something to talk about,” Brenna said. “And it is funny sometimes.”

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