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Understanding the ballot: meet school board candidate Heather Cannon

In addition to ballot measures and city council, citizens of Moffat County will also have the opportunity to reelect incumbents or bring in newcomers to Moffat County School District’s board of education. One of those candidates is Heather Cannon, who currently serves as the city attorney.

Craig Press: What would be your three top priorities as a school board member?


  1. Identify and implement changes within the school district to enhance academic performance and build a system of education that provides opportunity for each student.
  2. Prevent the politicization of children within the school system and restore morality and virtue within our educational system that students can model in their lives.
  3. For our district to focus on preparing students to be informed and productive citizens by providing an accurate accounting of American history that promotes a love of country while also learning from past failures and current challenges.

CP: Some parents in the community are worried that masks may be enforced in schools. What is your approach to these concerns, and how would you balance that with public health concerns?

Cannon: As of September 29, 2021, COVID-19 has caused the death of less than 500 children aged 0-17 in the United States since the beginning of the pandemic in the spring of 2020. In large part, parents have been removed from the educational system and decisions that affect their children, especially over the preceding 18 months. I believe that parents should make informed decisions about the health and safety of their children (and families) and this includes whether their child should wear a mask. If a parent chooses for their child to engage in mask wearing, their request should be honored by the school; the inverse is true for parents who do not wish for their children wear masks as their requests should be equally respected by the school.

CP: What is one way you would suggest that could get more community engagement (especially from citizens without children) in school matters?

Cannon: I believe one way to obtain more community involvement is to promote volunteer work both within the community by students/staff, as well as reaching out to the community and welcoming volunteers within the school system by local businesses, community members, and parents.


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