City Council Q&A: Jeremiah Beaudin |

City Council Q&A: Jeremiah Beaudin

A chainsaw-carved eagle stands at the entrance to Craig's City Hall.
Cuyler Meade / Craig Press

Seven men are running for four open seats on Craig’s city council.

We asked each to respond to a few questions about their thoughts for the future of Craig, should they be elected to one of the seats.

Jeremiah Beaudin is a charter pilot who is running for public office for the first time. Here are his answers:

Craig Press: What are your three top priorities if you’re elected to council?

Jeremiah Beaudin: My top priorities would include evaluation of the effectiveness of any and all current city programs. Review budgets and ensure our tax payer dollars are being utilized in the best possible manner. Evaluate business licensing and regulations, possibly lowering barriers to entry in order entice growth in a positive direction.

CP: How would you describe the ideal role of local government?

Beaudin: Protect freedom and autonomy of our Craig citizens. Maintain law and order within our community through building a more robust law enforcement and community watch culture.

CP: What is the most important issue for Craig to tackle in the next two to four years, and how would you address it if elected?

Beaudin: Moving forward knowing that our primary jobs and employment will need to change. As our coal mines and power plants are forced out of business, regardless of how this makes us feel, we must adapt and make Craig a more desirable location for new businesses to come and current business to flourish. We can ideally do this through reduced regulations and lower taxes.

CP: What steps will you take to make your time in office representative of the people who elected you?

Beaudin: Don’t infringe! Let the people of Craig enjoy life, liberty, and happiness without having to worry about government micromanagement. We encounter enough micromanaging in our day to day jobs and current big government telling us how we will live our lives.

CP: Why are you the right person to sit on the council at this time in Craig’s history?

Beaudin: I won’t be bought out. I have served this country for nearly 20 years in the military and I would like to serve my local community in a manner that will ensure protection of freedoms for my kids to enjoy as they grow up in this community. I care about my neighbors and I am always looking for ways to show that, as we all should!

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