Boebert in Craig promises to ‘handle’ D.C., Polis, Glenwood Canyon

At her Craig campaign rally, Rep. Lauren Boebert vowed to "keep D.C. the heck out of Moffat County."
Billy Schuerman / For the Craig Press

Lauren Boebert promised Tuesday in Craig to, “bring Colorado to D.C. and get D.C. the heck out of Moffat County.”

Over 100 Craig residents and visiting constituents gathered Tuesday at Alice Pleasant park to see Congresswoman Boebert campaign in Moffat County.

Hosted by Moffat County Republicans, the event was attended by constituents of all ages, and some supporters of Boebert traveled from as far as Portland, Oregon, to see her speak. Moffat County Republicans chairman Doug Winters, who introduced the congresswoman, said that he hopes the region remains positive, despite what Boebert called, “many attacks against (Moffat County).”

Over 100 people gathered at Alice Pleasant Park to see CO District 3 Rep. Lauren Boebert to speak about the I-70 closure and the potential closure of Craig's coal mines.
Billy Schuerman / For the Craig Press

“I think as long as we remain positive, and we stand in the good fight, and continue fighting for our rights and our values, good things are going to happen,” Winters said. “You know, I truly believe that next year, you’re going to see that wave not only go across the nation, but I also believe in the state of Colorado. I’m gonna be optimistic about that.”

At her hour-long event, Boebert touched on a large number of issues — from the U.S.’s southern border to Just Transition to I-70 closures in Glenwood Springs to the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill passed by the U.S. Senate. Boebert, a Rifle native, cited Gov. Polis’s exclusion of Moffat County in a recent declaration of emergency as a result of the mudslides as an example of District 3 facing exclusions from larger districts and cities in Colorado.

“This isn’t the first time that Denver has had an oversight issue and missed Moffat County,” Boebert said. “The optics of it are very bad, and it’s very political because your lives and your livelihood depend on what’s happening right now. You are being affected by this detour coming through your community. You are being affected in your supply chains from I-70. You need to be compensated for that negative impact that you are seeing here.”

Currently, Craig is facing increased traffic and business as a result of detours taken by travelers and truckers who would usually take I-70 through the canyon. As the increased traffic coincided with recent sidewalk renovations, some citizens at the rally complained that there was an increased need for support for the city of Craig.

Boebert added that she is currently drafting a letter to the Biden administration for the region to receive funds from the Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act and FEMA to relieve stresses from the canyon mudslides.

Rep. Lauren Boebert shakes hands with a constituent at her Craig campaign rally on Tuesday night.
Billy Schuerman / For the Craig Press

One citizen from the crowd interrupted to ask if Boebert thinks the president will respond to the letter, and Boebert reiterated that she was a voice for District 3, which mainly contains rural communities.

Tony St. John, who has lived in northwest Colorado for decades, later said that lawmakers in Denver don’t understand and don’t care about citizens who live in rural parts of the state.

“I am a little bit upset as far as our governor is concerned and in Congress when you’re traveling here,” St. John said. “When you get to Eisenhower Tunnel, (rural communities) are done. For the whole rural areas of western Colorado, we don’t exist when it comes to Denver and to our government.”

St. John also showed concern about the closures of local energy plants, including the Tri-State plant.

“To me (Just Transition) is not a done deal,” he said. “We need Tri-State out here. We need the coal mines. We need both jobs. Gov. Polis says they’re going to work to try to help us find new work for these guys and girls, but where are you going to find a $35 or $45 an hour job?”

Boebert responded that she is still fighting against the closures despite other state government plans to move forward with the transition, including millions of dollars in more state funding being pumped in to help coal miners transition out of the industry.

“I’ll handle Washington, D.C. I need you guys to get involved at every local level,” Boebert said.

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