Playing the field |

Playing the field

Jessica Prather, Blue Print

“It stinks but we can practice more to beat the other teams,” declared sophomore Taylor Wells. Brenna Ciesco, a freshman, agreed, “[It’s] very disappointing but we have more time to practice.” Ciesco and Wells described their feelings towards the changes in their schedule and their teammates agreed whole-heartedly. Out of 10 total games, three of them have been rescheduled due to weather concerns; a game against Battle Mountain, and another against Eagle Valley. The team (2-7) believes that even though many of their games have been rescheduled, it better prepares them for when they do play. “I don’t think it really effects the team. We get more practice,” stated freshman Brittany Walker.

Most of the games this season have been rescheduled due to bad weather conditions such as snow and rain. Coaches worry about the girls slipping in the mud and hurting themselves. Coach Wildenhaus also stated that the cancellations are due to travel concerns such as bad road conditions. With no field to claim as their own, the team must use Woodbury Park, where bad weather can result in damaged soccer fields. Wildenhaus said that they even go to the extreme of practicing in the gym instead of outside in Woodbury when it is raining outside. Not only does rescheduling the games disappoint the girls, but it also can result in large costs if the games are suddenly canceled. If a game is cancelled in advance, then there is no cost or fee due, but if cancellations occur just before a game, Wildenhaus estimated that it usually costs around $250.00 to pay the other team for travels, gas, and more.

With all of these changes to their schedule, the girls have endured many hard practices with hopes of becoming unbeatable, “We need to improve on communication, but we have good sportsmanship,” said Ciesco, much to Well’s agreement. “Even [being] good with communication would help us.” she stated.

The team has many skills they think they need to develop, but the girls believe that they are set when it comes to getting along and acting as a strong team. During their practices, the girls focus mainly on improving their worst skills but practices are said to be relaxed.

Even with a hectic and constantly changing schedule, the girls prepare for a game with a lot of determination. “I just kinda start screaming,” explained Wells. The girls focus on improving with their passes, stretching, long warm-ups, scrimmages and pep-talks from their coaches. Most of all, the girls’ center of attention revolves around maintaining a positive mindset. In the end, even if they lose the game, the girls support each other just as much as if they had won. “We get along and are very supportive,” said sophomore Bailey Hellander. The team is extremely close, and consider themselves a big family who support each other and show great teamwork, something greatly accomplished this season.

“It’s been a good season, we’ve improved,” said Hellander. The girls believe that this season has been very successful. Even though they haven’t played much, they’ve gained a lot of experience and a family out of the whole thing, “We’re one big family on two different teams,” said Ciesco. The girls are very close, no matter if they’re on J.V. or Varsity. “We’re like a humongo family,” Wells said. The team will be preparing for their upcoming games until the end of May. The girls have 18 total games this season, 5 of which they have remaining. Until then, and during the rest of their games, they plan on proving themselves to be an even better team, “From where we started, we’ve improved a lot. We have new players who improve every day, it’s kinda cool!” said Wells.