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Pipi’s Pasture: What if …

Diane Prather

Are you one of those people, like me, who worries about everything, especially the “what ifs?” Right now, with the change in the weather and all of the winter work that has to get done, there are plenty of “what ifs” here at Pipi’s Pasture.

For example:

• What if the weather conditions are so bad that our kids and grandkids can’t get here to help move cows during the weekend?

• What if there’s too much snow to move the cows anyway?

• What if the snow is so heavy that the grass on summer pasture is covered up and the cows can’t get to it?

• What if the rest of the hay doesn’t get hauled to Pipi’s Pasture because of the weather?

• What if the roads get slick before I get my winter tires put on the car?

• What if the furnace quits working?

• What if the ground freezes before we get the potatoes dug?

• What if I can’t get the bales down off the top of the haystack?

• What if I run into the skunk that has taken up residence at Pipi’s Pasture when I go out to do the chores early in the morning?

• What if we don’t have enough hay for the winter?

• What if the calf market suddenly falls?

• What if my car breaks down when I’m between the summer cow pasture and home and I don’t have cellphone service?

• What if the deer tear up the fence and the cows get out on the highway?

• What if the big bunch of grasshoppers come back next summer?

• What if I get on a jury (a possibility this past week) and I can’t get home to do chores?

• What if the hose freezes?

• What if the pump breaks down and we can’t get the cattle water tanks filled?

• What if I can’t get the iris bulbs dug up, divided and replanted?

• What if the snowy weather continues and we can’t get the calves to fall market?

• What if the heavy snow breaks the tree branches?

• What if my last year’s winter boots have holes in them?

• What if this year’s kittens can’t find shelter from the snow?

• What if I won’t have time to cook meals for the cow-moving crew?

• What if we can’t find both bulls when it’s time to bring the cows home?

• What if there’s a blizzard and I can’t get my columns into the Craig Daily Press on time?

• What if I didn’t have anything to worry about?

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