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Pipi’s Pasture: That’s what dads do

This past Sunday, families everywhere celebrated Father’s Day to honor Dads, Grandpas, and husbands. It was an opportunity for me to think about Dads and all of the special things they do for their children.

My daughter-in-law Brandi was at our house when I was working on this column. Right away she remembered three stories about our son, Jamie, and children Kenny and Megan, when they were young.

There was one day when Jamie and Kenny were going to mow the lawn, but the mower’s gas tank was empty. So Jamie headed off to get gas. Meanwhile, Kenny proceeded to fill the mower’s gas tank himself—with rocks and twigs. When his dad returned, Kenny proudly told him that the tank was filled. Jamie just smiled—that’s what Dads do.

One time when they were on a fishing trip, Kenny caught a little fish. Brandi went back to camp to get ready to fry the fish. However, when Kenny and his dad got there, Kenny no longer had the fish. He felt sorry for the little fish so he and Jamie had a funeral service and buried the fish. That’s what Dads do.

One time Jamie and his young daughter Megan had a date to go out to dinner. They dressed up. Megan wore her wedding dress play outfit. It was fine with her dad. It was also fine to go out for Chinese food even though Jamie doesn’t like it. Making things special for their children—that’s what Dads do.

Here are some other examples of things Dads do, all of them taken from real-life experiences.


  • put work on hold for their kids.
  • allow kids to have dogs and cats in the house even though they are allergic to pet hair.
  • wipe away their kids’ tears after they have been stepped on by 1,000-pound steers during
  • competitions at livestock shows.
  • attend their children’s sporting events, dance and music recitals, plays, and more.
  • consent to eating at fast-food restaurants instead of at sit-down places.
  • teach their teens to drive.
  • take the time to teach their youngsters about being good stewards of the land.
  • take time to share nature’s wonders with their children.
  • pack fishing poles through the brush, retrieve hooks caught in rocks and trees, and clean fish during fishing trips with their kids.
  • take time away from stacking bales to show their children some baby raccoons a mama has hidden in a haystack.
  • get out of bed at midnight to bring their daughters home from parties that have gotten out of hand.
  • watch cartoons with their children.

That’s just a sampling of what Dads do.



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