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Pipi’s Pasture: Something to look forward to

Pipi's Pasture
Diane Prather

These days when I’m waiting in line at the grocery store, I hear people talking about clearing the snow off their roofs, “unburying” their trucks or cars, and wondering as to the amount of snow on their lawns. People are wondering, “When will it start melting?” We’re all grateful for the moisture, but I think many of us have had enough winter.

I’ve heard some experts talk about the ways we can deal with the blues and inconveniences caused by all of the snow, wind, and cold this winter. One suggestion is to find something(s) to look forward to. So I thought about that, and here goes…

I’m looking forward to:

  • Not having to carry a shovel in my car when I leave the house, never knowing for sure if I’ll have to clear a path through snow left by the grader so I can drive onto the county road.
  • Not having to worry about snow drifting onto the lane into the house while I’m in Craig.
  • Being able to go to Craig whenever I want, not just when the wind isn’t blowing or it isn’t snowing.
  • Getting my hair done so I don’t have to cover it with a hood. (I look a lot like a wild woman.)
  • Seeing some dirt or a blade of grass.
  • Not having to walk like a duck over ice and slick snow to avoid falling.
  • Getting my column into Craig every week.
  • Getting to use some new, spring-like gifts, including chimes, hanging flower pots, a door mat with tulips on it, potting soil/seeds, and butterfly stakes or the flower garden.
  • Shutting off the stock tank heater.
  • Opening the windows in the house.
  • Sending off some Christmas gifts that didn’t get mailed on time due to weather.
  • Not having to reschedule appointments.
  • Not dreading to hear the word “wind” during weather forecasts.
  • To get the corral gates open again.
  • Not having to climb up on a pile of snow to put trash in the dumpster.
  • To get the corral gates open again.
  • Not having to use caution when walking under the huge icicles that hang down from the shop roof.
  • Locating the rubber feed pans that are hidden under the snow.
  • Finding the garden space hidden under feet of snow.
  • Not having to pry ice from the car windshield so the wipers will work.
  • Finding the lawns again.

What are you looking forward to?

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