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Pipi’s Pasture: Record book awards

Diane Prather

There were lots of awards Just think how important record keeping is in our lives. We keep medical records, information needed for figuring income tax, business records and a whole lot more. That’s why record keeping is included in 4-H and FFA project work; it is a valuable skill for young people to learn.

When general 4-H projects are judged at Completion Day, the record book is scored along with the exhibit. The record books for dog, horse and livestock projects are judged separately, and awards for the best-kept books are presented during Achievement Night.

Record books are judged out of county. Judges go through the books page by page. They look for accuracy, completeness and neatness. In cases where there are ties in scoring, spelling, neatness and the book cover are considered. Livestock record books are designated by “enterprise.” A “one enterprise” record book has information for one project in it, while a “two enterprise” record book contains the information for two livestock projects (such as sheep breeding and market lamb, for example). This past year one exhibitor completed a seven enterprise record book.

This week’s “From Pipi’s Pasture” salutes the youth who excelled in the area of keeping records in 2013.

■ One Enterprise Junior — 1st: Trevor Hume; 2nd: Ethan Hafey; 3rd: Torin Gray; 4th: Emily Howe; and 5th: Dylan Zimmerman

■ One Enterprise Intermediate: 1st: Toryn Hume; 2nd: Josie Timmer; 3rd: Jared Baker; 4th: Jenna Timmer; and 5th: Brayden Tuttle

■ One Enterprise Senior — 1st: Makayla Goodnow; 2nd: Taylor Duzik; 3rd: Samantha Pearce; 4th: Josey King; and 5th: Mattie Jo Duzik

■ Overall One Enterprise (age not a factor) — 1st: Makayla Goodnow; 2nd: Taylor Duzik; 3rd: Trevor Hume; 4th: Ethan Hafey; and 5th: Toryn Hume

■ Two Enterprise Junior — 1st: Carter Green; 2nd: Joey Winters; 3rd: Michael Voloshin; 4th: Ashley Baysinger; and 5th: Trinity Boulger

■ Two Enterprise Intermediate — 1st: Payton Voloshin; and 2nd: Bryson Davis

■ Two Enterprise Senior — 1st: Alexi Goodnow; 2nd: Wyatt Bellio; 3rd: Katia Voloshin; 4th: Faith Santistevan; and 5th: Alex Hamilton

■ Overall Two Enterprise (age not a factor) — 1st: Alexi Goodnow; 2nd: Wyatt Bellio; 3rd: Carter Green; 4th Payton Voloshin; and 5th: Katia Voloshin

■ Three Enterprise Junior — Maya Nava

■ Three Enterprise Intermediate — 1st: Gage Kawcak; 2nd: Joel Ross; and 3rd: Grady Anson

■ Three Enterprise Senior — 1st: Hannah Coy

■ Four Enterprise Senior — 1st: Brice White, 2nd: Jerica DeLong

■ Seven Enterprise Intermediate — 1st: Andrea Maneotis

■ Overall 3, 4, and 7 Enterprise (age not a factor) — 1st: Hannah Coy; 2nd: Maya Nava; 3rd: Andrea Maneotis; 4th Gage Kawcak; and 5th: Brice White

■ Overall Top 5 Record Books (age and enterprise not a factor) — 1st: Makayla Goodnow; 2nd: Hannah Coy; 3rd: Alexi Goodnow; 4th: Wyatt Bellio; and 5th: Carter Green

Best Kept Horse Records:

■ Junior Horse Records: 1st: Allison Villard; 2nd: Emaleigh Papierski; and 3rd: Madison Hadley

■ Intermediate Horse Records: 1st: Kathryn Haskins; 2nd: Jenna Timmer, and 3rd: Josie Timmer

■ Senior Horse Records: 1st: Samantha Pearce; 2nd: Mattie Jo Duzik; and 3rd: Taylor Duzik

Best Kept Dog Records:

■ 1st Year Dog Records — 1st: Hannah Coy; 2nd: Kyann Kainz; 3rd: Brianna Burkett; 4th: Brayden Anderson; and 5th: Ben Stoddard

■ Advanced Dog Records — 1st: Bryson Davis; 2nd: Chase Davis; 3rd: Elizabeth Tochtrop; 4th: Mitchell Davidson; and 5th: Brittnee Meats

Congratulations to all of these 4-H members who have gone that extra step to understand and demonstrate the importance of good record keeping.

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