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Pipi’s Pasture: It’s one of those days

Diane Prather

Sometimes I have a morning that starts out with some kind of a mishap, like spilling coffee grounds all over the floor when I’m making the coffee or, worse yet, missing the reservoir in the coffee maker and pouring water all over the counter.

When this happens I mutter to myself, “It’s going to be one of those days.”

For whatever reason, a morning like this often continues into the rest of the day, filled with minor accidents and other unforeseen incidents. This is particularly true in the rural community where the unpredictable behaviors of ranch animals are part of the daily routine.

Check out the following incidents, all of which have happened to me — some just this week, that are typical of “one of those days.”

• A first-calf heifer is wandering the corral (thank goodness she’s in the corral), looking for a place to have her calf, and it’s a day that I have to go to work.

• The nipple came off the bottle that I was using to supplement a twin calf, the milk spilled and I had to go back to the house to make another one.

• I stubbed my toe on some frozen manure and barely kept myself from falling.

• The clouds are building to the west, and the wind is starting up.

• A calf got tangled up in my good plastic bucket and broke a big hole in the bottom.

• A heifer calf got her head stuck between a panel and a post where the panel is attached.

• The ice on the unheated water tanks had to be broken, and 30 minutes later it had to be broken again.

• I set the hose to fill a big stock tank, a 30 minute job, and went back in the house to do a chore. When I returned, there was a pond around the tank — the hose had come loose.

• Just as I opened the microwave door to cook a sack of vegetables, the microwave started to run and wouldn’t shut off no matter which buttons I pushed. It had to be unplugged.

• I forgot to pay two bills so I made out the checks, put them in envelopes and discovered I had no stamps.

• When I went to wash dishes, I remembered that I needed dishwashing detergent.

• I lost my twine-cutting knife near the corral somewhere.

• The blower went out on my car heater.

• Last year’s calves sneaked out of the feedlot when we were trying to get the hay trailer through.

• I can’t think of a thing to fix for supper.

It’s a good thing that “one of those days” comes around only once in a while.

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