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Pipi’s Pasture: It’s December at Pipi’s Pasture

Diane Prather/For Craig Press
Pipi's Pasture

Suddenly, it’s December here at Pipi’s Pasture. Not much has changed since I wrote about the month of November (which seems like it was only a week ago) except that Thanksgiving has come and gone, and the leftovers have been used up.

I guess the biggest change around here has been temperature-wise, with the daytime and nighttime temperatures changing every little bit. What I have always noticed about December is that the cold is an icy cold, perhaps because of the humidity.

We have an unusual happening here at Pipi’s Pasture this December. For the first time, a cow is going to calve. She belongs to our daughter-in-law, Brandi. Last year, the cow miscarried her calf around Christmas. Then, she cycled in a timely manner, and a bull was in the wrong place at the right time or the other way around. Anyhow, she is going to calve soon.

So, we have been putting the cow under shelter each night, and on my nightly checks, I have become acutely aware of the icy temperatures. Besides that, since I am used to cow checks in March, April and May, I have gotten used to the spring smells associated with that time of the year. How odd not to experience them now.

Other than that …

• It’s dry. After the last hurry-on-through rain/snowstorm, there were standing puddles of water and some mud for a few days, but now, it’s starting to dry out again.

• People are making predictions about the winter — will it be dry?

• The beaver are busy building dam after dam, whatever significance that has as to the winter ahead.

• The deer have about finished off the pumpkins I used for decorations near the front porch.

• Believe it or not, since I have been covering the prairie flowers since early fall, they’re still blooming, and so are some other pansies.

• The cows (and cats) sprawl out and enjoy the warm days, soaking up the sun for snowy times.

• The cats have taken to sleeping in the haystack at night.

• I’ve got new snow boots, just waiting to be tried out, and a new chore jacket, too, that zips up and everything.

• It’s dry, and we need moisture, but it surely is nice to walk on bare ground.

• The calf weaning has been over for awhile, and most of our shipping is done, so we’re getting into a winter routine.

• Ucky and Sarah are starting their 22nd (or so) winter with us.

• Though it doesn’t look like Christmas right now, family members are starting to get ready for the holiday.

Enjoy your December!

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