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Pipi’s Pasture: Honoring livestock show exhibitors

Diane Prather

It’s important to recognize the efforts of young people who work hard to succeed in their chosen endeavors. Take the kids who choose agricultural pursuits, for example.

This week’s “From Pipi’s Pasture” honors three Moffat County 4-H/FFA members who exhibited livestock during the 66th Arizona National Livestock Show in Phoenix, Ariz., held during the last week of December 2013 and the first week of January 2014. The exhibitors were Jerica DeLong, Andrea Maneotis and Brice White.

Results of the shows were as follows:

Junior Market Goat

Lightweight Show:

Class 3-Jerica DeLong, 7th place

Class 4-Jerica DeLong, 6th place

Middleweight Show:

Class 5-Andrea Maneotis, 6th place

Class 7-Andrea Maneotis, 4th place

Goat Showmanship:

Intermediate Goat Showmanship-Andrea Maneotis, 5th place

Senior Goat Showman­ship-Jerica DeLong, 4th place

Junior Market Lamb

Middleweight Black Face Show:

Class 8-Andrea Maneotis, 1st place

Heavyweight Black Face Show:

Class 13-Jerica DeLong, 6th place

Class 14-Jerica DeLong, 2nd place

Junior Market Swine

Hampshire Show:

Class 3-Andrea Maneotis, 4th place

Yorkshire Show:

Class 6-Andrea Maneotis, 6th place

Class 7-Brice White, Exhibitor

Crossbred Show:

Class 10-Brice White, Exhibitor

Junior Market Steer

Middleweight Steer:

Class 4-Andrea Maneotis, 3rd place

Junior Prospect

Feeder Steer Show:

Class 3-Andrea Maneotis, 3rd place

Class 4-Andrea Maneotis, 1st place

Brice White, 2nd place

Brice White, 3rd place

Reserve Grand Champion Prospect-Andrea Maneotis

Prospect Steer Showman­ship

Senior Prospect Showman­ship-Brice White, 1st place

A junior livestock sale is held in conjunction with the livestock show. Not everyone gets to sell their market animals ­— class placings are used to determine who sells. So getting to sell a market animal is a “big deal.” This year, Andrea Maneotis qualified to sell her market steer.

Jerica DeLong qualified to sell her heavyweight market lamb that placed second in the show. However, she chose not to sell the lamb so she could enter it in the National Western Stock Show in Denver.

These young people did a lot of work to get to the Arizona Livestock Show. They had to select their animals (or raise them from their own herds), feed them twice a day, and learn how to groom them and the way to show them off during competition. Lots of work, indeed.

Congratulations to these young people for a job well done.

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