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Pipi’s Pasture: Being thankful for the ‘big picture’

Diane Prather
Pipi's Pasture

Last week I wrote about the seemingly small things that I enjoy about my life, things that, on reflection, aren’t really small at all. They’re just part of the “big picture” of things, and I’m so thankful for my life.

That’s what was on my mind this morning as I sat writing at the dining room table, one of my favorite places to write. It was cold, and the furnace was cranking out heat, leaving the house warm and cozy.

Through the large dining room windows to the west I was able to enjoy a familiar view of portions of the backyard, corral, and Pipi’s Pasture — not only the physical sights but those of the animals, too. It’s  all part of the “big picture.”

I could make out the red and black bodies of the cows along the corral where they were eating the hay that I had just put out. Although the view along the corral fence is partially blocked by the elms that grow there, I could make out some of the cows’ heads as they nosed the hay, savoring the leaves.

Also partially visible was the cows’ stock water tank where the tank heater was just hooked up the day before. (Talk about being thankful — I was delighted to find water without ice this morning.)

Also visible this morning was the stock trailer belonging to granddaughter Megan. Over her 4-H years, Megan used the trailer to store and transport show supplies that she used when showing her sheep and cattle. It has been parked in the pasture since Megan moved to Alaska. Since then the trailer has been used as a refuge for the “barn cats” around Pipi’s Pasture.

Somehow the cats gain entrance to the trailer where they stay warm, hide from raccoons and skunks, and raise litters of kittens. Several adult cats spend time there, plus six late-summer kittens that have been weaned and now eat adult cat food.

The cats come to the house for food so I enjoy watching them as they cross the pasture from the trailer, crawl under the pasture gate, and gingerly make their way down a partially bared-off path on their way to the house. If it’s a sunny morning the cats hang around the front porch; if it’s stormy they head back to the trailer. Sometimes the cats are in a long line, one after the other, adult cats and kittens together. Other times I’m delighted to watch some of the kittens jumping and running down the path.

Recently some other deer have joined the two does and five fawns that have spent the summer in the backyard and elsewhere around Pipi’s Pasture. Perhaps the two buck deer and yearling doe have joined the others because of the cold weather, hunting season, or the males are paying attention to the females.

Anyway, I can see them pawing around in the snow to find falling leaves. I noticed a buck looking up into the elm trees as if wondering how to get some of the remaining leaves down.

A couple of mornings ago I heard at least one robin chirping up in the trees. I wondered as to his story. I don’t believe I have heard a robin in November before.

My view from the window is just one of the enjoyable things from my life. I’m so thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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