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Pipi’s Pasture: 2014 4-H achievement night, Part 2

Diane Prather

Last week’s “From Pipi’s Pasture” featured the 4-H members who were recognized during the awards program at the annual Achievement Night, held Nov. 19 at the Moffat County Fairgrounds Pavilion. The evening recognized accomplishments of 4-H members and leaders during the past year.

Several awards were given in specific project areas, including those featured in last week’s column. The following awards were figured on a composition of points earned through criteria specific to each project. Criteria included class placing, showmanship, record book, testing, club activities, and others — each award having its own criteria. Award recipients were:

*Outstanding Dog Exhibitor Award: Bryson Davis

*Outstanding Poultry Exhibitor: Joey Winters

*Outstanding Rabbit Exhibitor: Faith Weathers

*Outstanding Horseman Award: Ripley Bellio

*Breeding Goat Award: Torin Gray

*Breeding Beef Award: McKinley McIntyre

*Breeding Sheep Award: Jerica DeLong

*Outstanding Black Angus Exhibitor: Mackenzie Camblin

*Homegrown Market Beef Award (market steer raised from 4-Her’s own herd): Torin Gray

*Producer’s Choice Award (for youths who are trying to replicate the sheep industry): two awards

Top Rate-of-Gain: Sydnie Harding

Top Carcass: Charles Stoddard

*Supreme Market Beef Award: Easton Eckroth

*Supreme Market Goat Award: Marissa Butler

*Supreme Market Swine Award: Cheyenne Gensler

*Supreme Market Lamb Award: Talon Flanders

Awards were presented to 4-Hs who excelled in the area of keeping records.

Best Kept Dog Records

1st Year Dog Records

Bailey Mack: 1st Place

Brook Wheeler: 2nd Place

Advanced Dog Records

Bryson Davis: 1st Place

Mitchell Davidson: 2nd Place

Kyann Kainz: 3rd Place

Best Kept Horse Records

Junior Horse Records

Michael Voloshin:1st Place

Pepper Rhyne: 2nd Place

Haley Boatman: 3rd Place

Garrett Anson: 4th Place

Trinity Boulger: 5th Place

Intermediate Horse Records

Payton Voloshin: 1st Place

Courtney Haskins: 2nd Place

Katie Haskins: 3rd Place

Angela Hill: 4th Place

Grady Anson: 5th Place

Senior Horse Records

Katia Voloshin: 1st Place

Taylor Duzik: 2nd Place

Mattie Jo Duzik: 3rd Place

Kaitlyan Reed: 4th Place

Ripley Bellio: 5th Place

Best Kept Livestock Records

One Enterprise Junior

Pepper Rhyne: 1st Place

Faith Weathers: 2nd Place

Grace Baker: 3rd Place

Layne Tupa: 4th Place

Ethan Hafey: 5th Place

One Enterprise Intermediate

Jared Baker: 1st Place

Trevor Hume: 2nd Place

Torin Reed: 3rd Place

Torin Hume: 4th Place

McKinley McIntyre: 5th Place

One Enterprise Senior

Kaitlyan Reed: 1st Place

Sarye Morgan: 2nd Place

Taylor Duzik: 3rd Place

Mattie Jo Duzik: 4th Place

Alex Hamilton: 5th Place

Overall One Enterprise (age not a factor)

Jared Baker: 1st Place

Pepper Rhyne: 2nd Place

Faith Weathers: 3rd Place

Kaitlyan Reed: 4th Place

Sarye Morgan: 5th Place

Two Enterprise Junior

Carter Green: 1st Place

Michael Voloshin: 2nd Place

Torin Gray: 3rd Place

Haley Boatman: 4th Place

Halle Hamilton: 5th Place

Two Enterprise Intermediate

Bryson Davis: 1st Place

Courtney Haskins: 2nd Place

Two Enterprise Senior

Alexi Goodnow: 1st Place

Katia Voloshin: 2nd Place

Mackenzie Camblin: 3rd Place

Mark Nava: 4th Place

Overall Two Enterprise Senior (age not a factor)

Alexi Goodnow: 1st Place

Carter Green: 2nd Place

Katia Voloshin: 3rd Place

Michael Voloshin: 4th Place

Torin Gray: 5th Place

Three Enterprise Junior

Joseph Winters: 1st Place

Trinity Boulger: 2nd Place

Maya Nava: 3rd Place

Three Enterprise Intermediate

Payton Voloshin: 1st Place

Gage Kawcak: 2nd Place

Four Enterprise Intermediate

Joel Ross: 1st Place

Cheyenne Gensler: 2nd Place

Four Enterprise Senior

Jerica DeLong: 1st Place

Brice White: 2nd Place

Andrea Maneotis: 3rd Place

Overall Third and Fourth Enterprise (age not a factor)

Jerica DeLong: 1st Place

Brice White: 2nd Place

Payton Voloshin: 3rd Place

Joseph Winters: 4th Place

Trinity Boulger: 5th Place

Overall (overall of the record books scored; age and enterprise not a factor)

Alexi Goodnow: 1st Place

Katia Voloshin: 2nd Place

Michael Voloshin: 3rd Place

Jared Baker: 4th Place

Carter Green: 5th Place

Congratulations to all of the 4-H members who worked so hard during the last year and to the leaders and parents who helped them.

Copyright Diane Prather, 2014.

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