Pink miracle worker |

Pink miracle worker

At what point should I be concerned that Nikki is addicted to Pepto Bismol?

There was a time that nearly every day she’d go to bed saying “I gonna frow up,” just so she could get a dose before she went to sleep.

She’s moved away from needing a daily fix, but her sister’s recent illness has again put “mecine” back into her concept of the what makes up the daily food pyramid.

But I’m on to her. OK, it took me awhile, but you don’t ever want your children to suffer in sickness so you give them the benefit of the doubt.

Katie was running the mother of all fevers, so the Motrin was flowing pretty freely. Seeing that her sister was getting the good stuff, Nikki immediately had to “frow up.”

I handed her the trash can and told her to go ahead.

The look on her face was pure shock. And as much as she tried, she couldn’t bring it up.

She won in the end, though.

She picked up whatever bug Katie had and spent the night with her hundred-plus-degree knees in my back as I begged her to take some Motrin.

It never works out that I win.

It was the third (fourth?) night of tossing and turning we’ve endured. And I don’t mean mine.

Katie is the worst person in the world to sleep with, which usually isn’t an issue until she’s sick.

Then she wants to be close.

Here’s the problem: She tosses. She turns. She moans. She snores. And, worst of all, she kicks.

Katie literally will spend half the night working her quads as she kicks over and over. Even when you move, she follows you to continue kicking.

Add that to the dog, who sleeps at the end of the bed and has night terrors and dry heaves and it’s no wonder the coffee shop has your order before you reach the counter.

What the experience has done is driven me to worship (for Katie’s use) the same medicine that I formerly eschewed.

From Nikki, I need physical evidence before I’ll dole out the Pepto. For all other complaints I have this innocuous spray that she thinks is not only medicinal, but a cure-all.

That’ll stay around for as long as it’s effective, and the pink stuff will stay hidden.

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