Phil Hawks: On Shadow Mountain |

Phil Hawks: On Shadow Mountain

Phil Hawks

To the editor:

Once again, I’m writing concerning, referred to by different names, Resolution 2013-65, Resolution 2013-66 or on the ballot by “Moffat County Referred Measure 5A.” I would advise the residence of Shadow Mountain Village who own property and those renting property here to look closely at these referred documents and read the fine print.

Who can vote for the measure? First, the county commissioners said only property owners had the right to vote on this issue. From what now is given renters, property owners or any eligible voter here can vote “yes” or “no” on this ballot issue.

No. 1: You would be giving over to the government your right as to what happens on your property. No. 2: Your living cost would go up by what the government would decide the cost to “you” for this improvement. Fences would be torn down, shrubbery would be torn out to accommodate the new sidewalks. The cost of replacing these items will be the cost of the property owners to replace, let alone driveways and other improvements we have made.

What are the reasons given for the new sidewalks? Surveyors told Toy Tipton that the drainage will not accommodate the 100-year flood that may occur, and when it does occur, in my opinion, Craig residents will be the ones hit because they are lower. Our sidewalks are wider and are in better repair than that of the city of Craig. Where the water main lines were put into properties and one broken upheaval part of a sidewalk are all that may need to be repaired. The cost per cubic yard of concrete now stands at $128, then the cost of labor of tearing out and replacing the sidewalks is a waste of money and manpower.

I have looked into and talked to all those principals who are stated to have information on this project — Bill Earley, Roy Tipton and those who oversee repair of the main water lines and sewers, the Bureau of Land Management and all three of the county commissioners. I also have compared water cost between the city of Craig and Shadow Mountain and the added cost to us with the proposed Measure A, which as proposed will make our cost here three times higher than that of Craig and will put a lien against our property if we cannot pay for the cost up front. Rent will go up, and property sales will be encumbered.

This is a special note to the person who at the Sept. 11 meeting told the people there that I did not do all the research on this because I did not have one document. Well, guess what? I now have it, and it does not change any of the facts. At least I did the research, and not only that, I took the time to present to those out here my finding and invited each to look at and talk to me personally about what I found, and that invitation still stands. My phone number is 970-826-4911. There are a lot more findings I cannot present in this letter. Just too many.

Phil Hawks

Shadow Mountain

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