Petition frivolous, laws needed |

Petition frivolous, laws needed

To the Editor

To the Editor,
Referring to the Aug. 25, front page story about a petition to terminate the city code enforcement specialist, I would like to address two issues.
The petitioner, complaining about code enforcement specialist Rex Splitt, is quoted, “There isn’t anyone in Craig that really likes that guy.” I really like that guy. My wife really likes that guy. Were it not to lend legitimacy to a frivolous comment, I could secure the signatures of hundreds of others in this community who really like that guy.
According to the petitioner’s counsel, the dissident thinks the city nuisance ordinance “is not consistent with what the community wants.” He told Council members that he didn’t have a problem with the ordinance until it affected him. Deep down, I suppose we all would like laws that place proscriptions on the other guy, but do not affect us. Most of us would not like such laws enough to trade democracy for fascism.
Bill Muldoon,