Penny Nelson: Questions about CMS football coaching |

Penny Nelson: Questions about CMS football coaching

To the editor:

I’m confused. Is the middle school football program designed to train all participants in the various aspects of team sports and teach each individual the techniques required or is it to win at all costs?

If it is the former then why is the quarterback playing offense and defense while several players are on the bench not being utilized? Doesn’t playing both offense and defense exhaust the players to a point they are more susceptible to injury?

What values are we instilling in our youth when Coach Hilderbrandt uses profanity to motivate our young people and Assistant Coach Maneotis threatens an upset parent with an invitation to settle the difference in the parking lot?

Of course, if it’s the latter, we need a new management team as they have an 0-and-2 record. This speaks volumes to the coaching expertise.

Above is the first letter I wrote to the editor. I submitted the letter on Sept. 12 after the eighth graders had lost their second game.

I called the content manager, Jerry Martin, on Friday, Sept. 15th to find out why the letter wasn’t printed. I asked him if there was a problem with the letter.

He advised me the letter was appropriate, however it wasn’t published due to a large volume of letters waiting to be included. He said it was next in line to be published.

On Monday, Sept. 17 Mr. Martin reversed his explanation stating he and the publisher decided not to publish for a reason we then discussed on the phone.

It seems to me that Mr. Martin could have told me that when I spoke with him on Friday.

The eighth graders did beat Meeker on Saturday the 15. So now they have a 1-and-2 record.

There were still players used for both offense and defense, which I certainly don’t agree with. However, at least there were other players utilized.

Time will tell!

Penny Nelson

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