Paula Reed |

Paula Reed

On April 27, during a snowstorm on the top of Rabbit Ears Pass, an unknown Craig resident stopped to help us change a flat tire, and we want to express our sincere appreciation for his assistance. The gentleman lives in Craig and was headed east when he made a U-turn to help us.

We were returning from an urgent trip to Denver Children’s Hospital. My grandson went to the clinic at Children’s for a follow-up visit to the doctor and instead was admitted to the hospital.

We stopped on the side of the highway to take care of the baby, and the tire went flat. We think we picked something up along the way and stopping at that point just finished off a slow leak. I was attempting to jack up the car with a new, not-so-wonderful jack, furnished by the car manufacturer, with one of those lovely donut tires that slows down progress. The car was not very sturdy on the jack, so I told my daughter to get the baby out of the car, and the two of them went to sit in my van where it might be more safe. The gentleman from Craig saw my daughter take the baby out of the car, and he thought he should stop and see wehtehr we needed help. The jack in the van was more durable and easier to operate, so I started jacking up the car with it instead. I had the tire loose when the gentleman arrived. He agreed with me about the safety of the jacks and the location I chose under the car, and his assistance made the tire change move along more safely.

I was wet and cold from kneeling in the mud trying to jack up the car, so I greatly appreciate his assistance, which helped to get me out of the cold more quickly. He stayed with us for what seemed like half an hour while we transferred the baby car seat, oxygen tank and other baby items from the car to the van. He asked whether we needed him to contact anyone for us and waited until we pulled safely away from the side of the highway before he continued on his way in the opposite direction of travel.

In my haste to get the baby warm and safe, I forgot to ask the gentleman’s name, so I am sending my thank-you card to him via the newspaper.

Thank you, sir, for your kindness. We really appreciate your help.

God bless you.

Sincerely yours,

Paula Reed

Jaime Drew and baby Jam

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