Paul James: No conflict of interest |

Paul James: No conflict of interest

Since my election, and to be more pertinent, since the last city council meeting where I made a motion to begin the process to put recreational cannabis on the ballot for November, my “conflict of interest” has been thrown around a lot, mainly by the same people who have been trying to prevent our success since we began this process.

When we were running our petition, before I was elected to city council, the owner of the Craig Apothecary offered to give me a significant portion of the business (at no cost to myself), should we be allowed to open for recreational sales. At the time I of course agreed to the offer. However, since being elected, I have now declined the same offer, because I don’t want to engage in any sort of conflict of interest whatsoever. In short, the most I stand to gain is a job, whether that be maintaining my existing employment, or the ability to look for a new job while still being able to live in my hometown. Anyone can reach me at 970-701-1114 with questions or comments.

Paul James