Paul Bishop: Editorial was a pleasant surprise |

Paul Bishop: Editorial was a pleasant surprise

Paul Bishop

— To the Editor:

The Aug. 11 editorial in the Saturday Morning Press, “Our View: A Matter of Respect,” was a pleasant surprise. It seemed to me that previous articles indicated a bias totally against our elected officials and the decisions made by the Northwest Colorado Stewardship. Could it be I was wrong?

Do you think that Gov. Bill Ritter has anyone reading the Craig Daily Press, or if he does, do you think he would pay much attention to the small voting flock of Moffat County residents?

So what could happen if the county officials were to ignore the over flights in the air conditioned helicopter, and instead work closely with the local offices of the BLM. It’s not inconceivable there could be a pumping oil well on every 40 acres in the Upper Vermillion Basin and gas wells on every 10 acres.

How did it happen that there are hundreds of gas and oil wells just west of Moffat County in Unitah County, Utah, many more on BLM land than there are on indian land or private land.

Moffat County should be getting its share of supplying the exploded energy needs. The gas and oil supplies are there, if not in the same quantities as the Peance Creek area, enough supply to be worthwhile to explore. After all these wells are pumping, the next question would be “where can they build a refinery?

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Paul Bishop