Paul and Sherrie Knez: Vote for Moe |

Paul and Sherrie Knez: Vote for Moe

To the editor:

A true leader serves. Serves people. Serves their best interests, and in doing so will not always be popular, but because true leaders are motivated by loving concern rather than a desire for personal glory, they are willing to pay the price. The time has come for the residents of Moffat County to make a choice, to choose a leader to serve as our newest county commissioner. Who will you choose; will you even make the choice?

After contemplating and researching each candidate, my choice is Frank Moe. I have many reasons for doing so, from his views and knowledge on major topics, to his integrity, but mainly for his passion to serve. It seems when someone is running for office, a lot of words are spoken about wanting what’s best for the community, a lot of promises and commitments are made and we vote. Then we live with our choices. Those promises and commitments were made in good faith and sometimes work out as planned, but others are forgotten or lost because of the effort to see them through. We usually make our choices based on those words and promises along with the candidate’s experience and qualifications. You can go to Frank’s website ( and learn about his qualifications and goals for a diversified growing economy, but what you need to see is the passion he has to be of service to this community and the action he has taken toward that success.

We need someone who will work diligently to strengthen the economy with new business ideas that will open up jobs and create revenue for all while preserving what we already have. We all know that our economy is dependent on energy, and with the regulations being put in place by the state and federal governments, it’s looking pretty bleak unless we take the initiative now to diligently look for options. We need someone who will back up their words with actions, someone who has proven that they will do whatever is possible to make things better for us. Frank Moe is that person.

Most of you know that four years ago, he ran for commissioner and lost — not by much but still lost. After things settled and thanks had been given to those who had helped in his campaign, Frank immediately went to work offering his help where he could. He went out and fought our state and federal governments for our energy survival, attending and speaking at many events, even initiating some right here in Craig, trying to make a difference for us where he could. The election is right around the corner and the choice is yours. I fully support Frank Moe, a man whose actions speak louder than any speech he many have given; he would make a great commissioner if given the chance. Please vote and let your voice be heard.

Paul and Sherrie Knez


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