Paul and Mona Blee: Where’s Marie? |

Paul and Mona Blee: Where’s Marie?

— To the Editor:

On Nov. 22, 1979, Thanksgiving Day, our daughter went missing. This Thanksgiving will mark 28 years since she’s been gone.

After numerous leads, many rumors and some lies, she still is missing in Northwest Colorado. We, the parents of Marie Blee, still are seeking answers and clues as to what happened that night and where her remains may be.

The Routt County Sheriff’s Office has been a mainstay in the investigation of this case, and we thank them very much for hanging in there with us. Thanks also to the Moffat County Sheriff’s Office for keeping their ear to the ground.

We are also seeking help from the public of Northwest Colorado. All we ask is if anyone knows anything about Marie’s disappearance to please make a call or send a letter to the following:

Paul and Mona Blee

2517 Ouray Ave.

Grand Junction, CO 81501


You may also contact the Routt or Moffat counties sheriff offices, or Crime Stoppers.

We do not have caller I.D. nor does Crime Stoppers if you would like to make an anonymous call.

We ask, hope and pray that someone will step forth with some information that will help us to get off this roller coaster ride we have been on and out of this nightmare of 28 years.

Thank you.

Paul and Mona Blee

Grand Junction