Patti Mosbey: Legends of Sand Wash |

Patti Mosbey: Legends of Sand Wash

Patti Mosbey/For the Saturday Morning Press
A pinto named Picasso is one of the favorite animals of Sand Wash Basin.

Have you seen Picasso? Probably the most asked question in all of Sand Wash Basin.

Picasso the tri-colored pinto has become a legend of Sand Wash. Charting his photos back several years it is estimated that he is nearing 30 years in Sand Wash. Although there are other beautiful pintos this one has captured the hearts of those who venture to his magical kingdom.

I stopped to chat with tourists from Asia last summer and that was the first question they asked me. Thankfully I had just seen him in an “out of the way” location just that morning. I gave them careful directions and sent them smiling on their way. I hope they found the treasure they came to seek.

Advocates who have tracked the Sand Wash herd for many years now have a pretty good idea who some of his offspring are and some of them are gathering a fan club of their own as well.

Losing his band to younger stallions in 2014 created more drama than most soap operas. It was the talk of the basin for months and the sorrow of many that his ever-faithful mare, Mingo, had been stolen by a much smaller and younger stallion, Kanoa. She was not happy about the new arrangement and took her time to produce a new foal in 2016.

His last known foal, Van Gogh, by mare Robin is now a beautiful 2-year-old that could be on his own soon. It was with great expectation as the time neared that Robin might produce yet one more Picasso foal but our hopes were unanswered. Picasso wanders alone most of the time usually off of County Road 48 around the Two Bar Springs area and off County Road 80 at Picasso Pond, a location known by the frequent visitors to Sand Wash Basin.

Some of his progeny that you might want to look for would be Picasso Junior (PJ), Kokomo, Snip, Tango and Rambo, Mango, Mimi, and Paloma.

Patti Mosbey is a regular visitor to Sand Wash Basin. Photographing and documenting the daily lives of the Sand Wash herd is a passion for her. For more of her photos and adventures find her on Facebook at Sand Wash Adventures.

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