Patt McCaffrey: Vote for Dave DeRose |

Patt McCaffrey: Vote for Dave DeRose

To the editor:

County commissioner candidate Dave DeRose has consistently demonstrated why he is the most qualified candidate to be our county commissioner.

Dave knows the importance of asking and answering questions to start a dialogue for our community to initiate ongoing improvements for Moffat County.

He has the ability to see through the smoke to find true solutions to problems. He is not afraid to take the less traveled road to accomplish goals and with his leadership, he gathers others to help with the process.

Dave can express a vision for what Moffat County could be, along with ideas for ways to make the vision a reality.

Dave is very involved in our community and is very aware of the needs for the present and future of Moffat County.

Dave is not afraid of hard work or unpopular choices that will have to be made as a commissioner. He is always able to separate personal from his duties as an elected official. He is strong and confident and will provide strong leadership for Moffat County.

Dave is a successful businessman, and will take those skills into making Moffat County a successful enterprise. He knows, understands and can articulate the decision making process, and accepts the leadership role.

He is ready to lead Moffat County out of the boom to bust to a more economic state of affairs by working with Craig/Moffat Economic Development Partnership and the Moffat County Tourism Association to acquire new, untapped opportunities or prospects of possible revenue, which will benefit everyone without having to increase our taxes.

I am asking you to vote for Dave DeRose as county commissioner.

Patricia McCaffrey

Business owner


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