Patt McCaffrey: Thanks for the help |

Patt McCaffrey: Thanks for the help

Patt McCaffrey

To the editor:

During the last storm, which caused very icy roads, my truck and I did a 180 across the street from the Boys & Girls Club of Craig on U.S. Highway 40 into the ditch. After coming to a stop and realizing I still was alive, I got out of my truck. Coming to my rescue were Noelle Leavitt Riley and Shawn Riley and several others whose names I failed to get. Noelle and Shawn stayed with me until we could get the truck out of the ditch. Coming to my assistance was Gordon, from Cook Chevrolet. Thanks to a Craig police officer and a Road and Bridge employee, who directed traffic so Shawn and Gordon could get my truck back on the road. I am fortunate to live in Craig, where people actually come to help their fellow neighbors, and thanks to those who called me to make sure I was unhurt.

Patt McCaffrey



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