Patrick Wayne Germond: We need ethical leaders |

Patrick Wayne Germond: We need ethical leaders

To the editor:

I was discussing with my wife a college ethics paper she’s doing on the golden rule.

A few thoughts occurred to me that I felt were worth sharing.

“Do unto others as you would have done unto you.” This is an intrinsic and instinctual natural law that is at the foundation of all successful civilizations and social groups that achieve sustained healthy growth and reach Eudemonia (ancient Greek for deep and lasting happiness).

Secularly, under the U.S. Consti-

tution, it’s called equal justice.

Our basic Constitutional laws like freedom of speech and the right to keep and bear arms are things we want for ourselves, so we support them for others.

It’s polar opposite is called social justice, where people are treated different according to their race, income bracket, or some other form of grouping that singles them out for special treatment, good and bad.

Some people attack this law and rule in many ways, but the one that stands out the most to me is their death penalty argument.

They believe that a judge and jury violate the golden rule when they sentence a convicted murder to death. The problem with this analogy is the set up is completely wrong.

First off, the judge and jury aren’t killing an innocent person like the murderer did.

Secondly, the judge and jury are acting only as referees, forcing the criminal to live by his own version of the golden rule, demonstrated by his actions.

If we follow the golden rule in our own homes, it brings about spectacular results. If we treat our loved ones with respect, understanding, compassion, empathy and love like we ourselves want to be treated, our households will know no end to prosperity and happiness. Absent is the dysfunction that’s played back in loops in everyone’s minds, which shuts down progression.

Absent dysfunction, children and adults grow in intelligence and become natural leaders. Vast amounts of time and energy are freed up for growth in all directions, and any talent that the individuals and family may wish to pursue.

Morals, good and bad, trickle up from every home into our society and into our government.

Governments don’t make the people good like Aristotle believed (one of very few failings on his part), the people make their government good.

It’s vital we pick leaders that are of the highest moral maturity level and understanding, even if it’s a notch above what we ourselves have achieved.

Leaders who have no ethical rudder are magnets for disaster.

I’d like to close by making a pitch for two men that I feel meet this measure.

Byron Willems and Frank Moe have stood out and stood alone on moral ground. Please support them by filling out your mail-in ballots and sending them in.

I believe local leadership in our future is going to be critical, and they will be up to the challenge.

Patrick Wayne Germond

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