Patrick Wayne Germond: Vote for me |

Patrick Wayne Germond: Vote for me


My name is Patrick Wayne Germond, and I am running for the Moffat County School District Board of Education District 4 seat. I have resided in Craig for 18 years, and currently have three children attending Moffat County schools. By now, most everyone has received their mail-in ballots, and I would like to ask for your vote.

Moffat County schools are ranked among the lowest in the state of Colorado, which is not an acceptable position that I am willing tolerate. During the MCEA Candidate Forum, candidates were asked what they thought the most pressing problem within our district was. I was shocked by the response of many of the other candidates. Most of them stated that they thought funding was the biggest problem. I agree funding always is an issue; however, in my opinion, lack of progress in student academic growth is our biggest problem.

The local school board is responsible for setting the curriculum (as per state law) and managing the budget within Moffat County. If funding is the problem, maybe the budget could be managed better. Do we need more of the Apple touchscreen computers than we have already in the classrooms of Moffat County to teach our kids to memorize their multiplication tables? The push currently within the national education system is to introduce technology to the students and let them discover and learn from the internet. Remember the popular joke, “Everything you see on the Internet is true,” right? My point is not that we don’t need computers in the classroom; it’s that we need to focus on the basics.

For too long we have been led astray and focused on unimportant or hypothetical good rather than the facts. Like math facts, for example. I’m a parent, and you can bet your last dollar that I get it. I am sick of seeing Moffat County schools failing. If I’m elected, I will ask for resignations from the people who fail our children. That’s something that’s been lacking from current board members.

I’m not running for the school board to get leadership experience, make political friends or to change in my social status. Rather, I’m hoping to provide our children with the highest level of education possible. The top 10 percent of Colorado schools is the goal. Everything I say or do will be dedicated to that end and your children’s improvement.

Also, I plan to listen to you in public if you would like. I’ll open school board meetings back up to public input.

Out of the two other candidates running for the District 4 seat, I’m the only one that has children currently attending Moffat County schools. Basically, everything that’s precious to me is riding on this school district’s improvement. If you think my attitude, dedication and required accountability is what you’d like to see from one of your school board members, then I ask you to open your ballots and vote for me.

Patrick Wayne Germond


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