Patrick Wayne Germond: Government the problem |

Patrick Wayne Germond: Government the problem

To the editor:

A lot of economic “Greek tragedies” in the past have been caused from government leaders trying to go against the economic laws of nature and common sense.

Case in point, the apocalyptic effects of the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act, signed June 17, 1930, which turned a recession into a Great Depression.

The Tariff law taxed imports coming into America. Vainly, it tried to make American products cheaper than their competition from other countries. The goal was to “create-or-save” American jobs. The extreme opposite happened, because the rest of the world retaliated with their own tariffs against American goods, as expected by the opponents.

The government action ended up costing U.S. citizens vast amounts of jobs. Worse yet, the rest of the world moved on, doing business among itself, while the U.S. turned into a raisin.

Today, progressives in both parties have used the environmental cause to take control of our lives and to promulgate, or force by law, their social engineering delusions. Their latest and greatest fiasco, “Cap & Trade.” Progressives in California have elevated this to a sanguine, or bloodthirsty, level. Their pretentious argument and experiment has failed with the same methodical predictability as blowing a hole in the side of a sinking boat to let the water out.

Courts have taken the power to shut down entire towns in the faces of the people for any exaggerated environmental cause. Remember, the U.S. timber industry?

It was squeezed out because of the cost of endless litigation. Now, Canada has taken over the market while our U.S. forests’ go up in smoke.

The obsession with self-imposed tariffs, such as those in California, have made the costs to American businesses sky-rocket. Production and competitiveness have been lynched, and they now hang from Al Gore’s shade tree.

The Arabs pave their streets with gold, while we Americans tie up our industry in red tape, rules and litigation. Neither party promotes tort reform or free market capitalism.

Instead, they sell us universal nightmares under the panic of emergencies they’ve created from their own, ever reaching, grasping, hands.

The reason the progressive movement of the 1930s went as far as it did was because of a lot of factors. One, it just needed to be played out so the people could see the end results.

Another reason was people didn’t have our level of access to communication and self-education. Basically, they were poor when it came to the facts. We, however, have hindsight and history on our side. And judging by the polls, and to the dismay of both parties, Americans are catching on fast. Facts and common sense can cut through propaganda instantly.

Problem is, the Achilles heel of socialism is it rots and stinks in the sunlight.

Besides, a government that thinks the recession is over because fewer people are Googling “economic depression,” needs to be made real small. Government is the problem, not the solution.

Patrick Wayne Germond

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