Patrick Mosbey: Deeply offended |

Patrick Mosbey: Deeply offended

To the editor:To the editor:

To the editor:

I recently was DEEPLY OFFENDED when (CK), quarterback for the 49er’s refused to stand during our national anthem. He claims that he as a minority has been “oppressed” by America.

Just for the record Collin, minorities are provided with more opportunities in America than any other nation on earth! How would your disrespect be treated in Iran, China or Russia? Would Iran provide you with a $16 million a year salary to play a game? By the way, you make around 267 times more than I do each week, not counting endorsements (I could use a little of that “oppression”).

Tim Teebo kneels in prayer before the game and the press crucified him for that act as being “offensive.” Christian bakery owners in Colorado and Oregon refuse to provide a cake for a homosexual wedding, because it violated their conscience, beliefs and convictions. They were persecuted, sued and each lost their businesses and the press didn’t utter a peep, yet they flock to support Collin and the others without regard for the “feelings” of patriots all across America.

Our elected officials worship at the shrine of “political correctness” while the press serves as priests. I for one am sick of it! What is worse is their determination to force participation in their liberal agenda whether we like it or not! People have always had the right to believe whatever they like, but that is not enough, now we all have to agree with them.

Patriotism is a virtue, or at least should be. My father served in the military and so did my brothers and I. I am proud to be an American, I am proud to have served my country as a Marine, I am proud of our American heritage!

I say, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!

Patrick MosbeyPatrick MosbeyPatrick Mosbey

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