Patrick Germond: Unite for the sake of freedom |

Patrick Germond: Unite for the sake of freedom

Patrick Germond

To the editor:

The words our leaders use matter a great deal; the reason being their words also carry the authority of their office.

For instance, if you had a problem that required involvement and the preliminary judgment of a law enforcement officer, the lens the officer sees you through may impact your freedom and life. Forms of negative prejudice can occur in many ways, such as skin color, economic status, and religious and political affiliation.

Dictators and tyrants use political prejudice all the time, it is their modis operandi. They stir up hate within their country that later leads to socially acceptable incarceration and/or murder.

One of the best examples we’ve all studied of this was Hitler; he used hateful words like rats and pigs on the Jews to justify the imprisoning and later the extermination of millions of them.

So when Joe Biden, the vice president of the United States of America, calls critics of the current presidential administration, which is 49 percent of the people, “pigs,” it matters.

Now, I do not believe our current administration’s leaders are dictators or tyrants nor do they resemble Hitler, but I am pointing out that the hate speech in America from its leaders along with other governmental actions has us heading toward some of the same crossroads that Germany came to prior to World War II.

The new media, The Blaze and The Drudge Report, have reported that thousands of people, mostly American veterans, are being locked up for their anti-government postings on forums like Facebook. However, they aren’t being arrested and being charged with sedition, they are being detained indefinably on mental health accusations.

They are never given an audience with a jury of their peers, they are just taken.

Furthermore, it has come out that the Department of Justice is involved in the monitoring of these sites and then, when needed, they use state officials to carry out detainment.

Take notice that freedom of speech was never infringed upon when George Bush was in office when the left was screaming for the overthrow of the government. In point of fact, Arianna Huffington, the founder of the far left Huffington Post, started out with a website called and addressed

We don’t see the Occupy Wall Street crowed being locked up until it’s their “blow up the bridge day” like happened in Ohio.

The point is that since justice isn’t applied equally, it makes these veterans and others on the right who are being incarcerated political prisoners.

Obama Care is set to begin next year. Many Americans can’t afford to buy health insurance and along with them there surly will be many Americans who will simply refuse to be obedient and buy insurance out of their sense of rebellion to an ever expanding big government.

This refusal can be seen as a protest that could easily involve thousands of people in a city the size of Craig. There are not enough prisons to hold them all and issuing fines won’t make money suddenly appear.

So where do these great offenders of society go, these pigs?

That depends on our leaders. See now why words from people with authority matter?

The current administration is unlikely to have mercy on these people based on their past language.

People of America, we need to denounce hate speech and any leaders who speak with the Adversaries tongue. These leaders seek to stir up division, envy and strife among Americans.

We need to turn our backs on leaders who view our relatives and neighbors with disdain. President Abraham Lincoln said it best when he warned us, “A house divided cannot stand”.

All humans are entitled to keep their humanity and are endowed by their creator to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. No one is a pig because they hold a different political view than you.

We are all one nation under God, now is the time for us to unite for freedom’s sake.

Patrick Germond

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