Patrick Germond: Law contrary to Christian doctrine |

Patrick Germond: Law contrary to Christian doctrine

Patrick Germond

An upsetting and disconcerting situation has arisen in our country.

Many people, including myself, believe our government has adopted a number of anti-Christian policies that purposely undermine religious liberties and freedom.

The latest example is the federal government, through ObamaCare, forcing Christian entities to provide insurance coverage for contraception and chemical abortion (plan B) for employees.

This has caused many Americans to wonder if our government is becoming bigoted.

The most familiar form of religious bigotry happens when one Christian group says another isn’t Christian.

This is wrong.

If a group believes in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, they’re Christians. The only thing that separates these groups from each other is their individual doctrines, and that shouldn’t be a reason for discrimination of any kind.

However, the most serious and dangerous version occurs when a government and its leaders practice bigotry.

Rights then no longer have the same value and protection as they should.

Rights, liberties and even members of that religious group become second-class citizens.

The new policies enacted by our government under ObamaCare force all Christian businesses and organizations, including health care providers, to pay for and carry contraception coverage and abortion pills.

This is a clear violation of these religious establishments’ rights and liberties. This new law violates most Christian groups’ pro-life principles.

For example, a Catholic establishment like St. Mary’s in Grand Junction has to financially facilitate pharmaceutical abortions for all its employees.

The First Amendment states “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

Compliance to this new government law has been waived for one year, until after the election.

Maybe this was done to give Christians a year to change their beliefs. I don‘t know.

On Jan. 29, Catholic Church leaders read a letter from all pulpits in the U.S. stating the church can never comply with a law that forces any part of its organization to violate its sacred covenant pertaining to the sanctity of life.

There is a reason secular governments have always turned on religion. These governments want people to rely on their authority rather than God’s. They do this so people will see them as the ultimate power and bend their knee to them.

This past week, White House spokesman Jake Carney said the administration feels it has struck the proper balance on this issue and there will be no changes. That statement sounds pretty indifferent and bigoted to Christians, if you ask me.

I say bigoted because of its absolute dismissal of Christian beliefs as to having any merit above the White House.

So, to them, Christian beliefs are second-class and not very important. Not even in an election year.

My position on this issue is as follows:

When a government imposes its will of religious concepts and dictates on a peaceful people, those people must decline and refuse to follow those imposed dictates.

It is to God people must be true, not to the changing winds of governments or to the weaknesses of men.

God made mankind and gave him his law and free agency, and no government has the right to take that which God has given.

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