Patrick D. Calicura: Just say no to taxes |

Patrick D. Calicura: Just say no to taxes

To the editor:

This is in reference to referendums 1A, 1B, C and D.

Under the proposed 1A as stated, an astronomical amount of money derived from property tax is retained and spent at the local level. It only lasts five years, but it is believed that the current budget problems will return 100 fold after the sunset, leaving the taxpayer to again absorb the burden.

Just like the above mentioned referendum, C and D state that there would be no tax increase, but the monies already collected would be retained in addition to securing bonds on capital projects. This is not the solution. This is an increase of billions of tax dollars, leaving the taxpayer to once again take on the burden.

Horizons, which would be supported by 1B, currently receives funding from the federal government, state and local municipalities in addition to donations and private fundraisers, and it is assumed that all clients themselves receive long-term SSI and Medicare/Medicaid. There are currently 19 clients being served in group homes within Moffat County. If passed, it would increase the current budget by $390,000 dollars, and this will increase as property values continue to rise. Further, there is no sunset. It goes on forever.

I believe that if tax monies are to be collected and retained, they should go to help the greater good. At the local levels, perhaps that is the Fire Department or the new hospital.

None of the referendums are a permanent solution to the taxpayer, only a “field of dreams” and false sense of security. If passed, it will bring on an impending doom to the taxpayers in the future.

I urge all concerned voters to “just say no” on the November ballot.

Patrick D. Calicura


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