Patricia McCaffrey: Thanks for article |

Patricia McCaffrey: Thanks for article

To the editor:

Thank you for printing the article on the Luttrell Barn. The barn represents a snapshot of our history in Moffat County. It is strong and stable, contrasted with post and beam secured by wooden dowels, and has captured the hearts of many Moffat County citizens. They have memories of the many events held at the Luttrell Barn, and wish to keep the barn as an icon for the community. The Craig Daily Press, week of Nov. 11, reflected the feelings of those who took the time to vote and let the balance of the community know their desire to retain the barn at its current location. The total votes for the newspaper’s online poll were 168; broken into the following: 71 percent voted “yes;” 24 percent voted “no;” and 5 percent voted “I don’t know.”
To make the Luttrell Barn available to the community for meetings, parties and celebrations, can be accomplished by upgrading the facility in phases throughout a few years. Phase 1 would be upgrading the first floor redoing the roof, closing off the second floor. The facility would be used in the spring of 2014 and throughout the rest of the year. Phase 2 would complete the minor repairs upstairs, enlarging the staircase to make it ready for use sometime in 2015. After installation of the new roof, the county would immediately make the barn available for rental to the community.

There appears to be confusion on what can and will be preserved from our history and what will be demolished or destroyed without regard of our past. As residents of the community have written or said:
1. The community does not ask for much, and we see the Luttrell Barn as a historic keeper.
2. Emilyn Young was very instrumental in bringing the arts to Craig, and she donated the barn to the county to use for such as well as other events as weddings, receptions, meetings, art shows, etc.
3. It is an outstanding historic visual as you enter the east side of Craig and ties into the fairgrounds nicely and is an icon for our community.
4. The barn is like the Marcia Car and definitely should be renovated and available for the community.

There seems to be a domino effect in Craig/Moffat County that if something is not profitable, and then get rid of it. Where do we draw the line — get rid of anything that does not make a profit should be destroyed, removed or outsourced elsewhere? Somewhere in our thinking about the future, we need to be able to say, “This is the fabric of our history and who we are,” and take pride in keeping our past relevant for future generations. We will be celebrating the miracle of birth and perhaps a time of rebirth for the Luttrell Barn.
Please write, telephone, email or chat with our commissioners to explain the importance of saving the barn. There has been dollars budgeted and put aside for the Luttrell Barn, so allow those dollars to be used to keep the barn a community’s icon.

Patricia McCaffrey



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