Pat Jones: A lesson about transforming love |

Pat Jones: A lesson about transforming love

I learned a lesson about transforming love this week.

There I was in a busy airport, weaving my way in and out of a throng of people, when a young woman stopped walking and just stood in the doorway, visiting with a friend.

She couldn’t see me, so I started to edge around her. Her friend told her to move and she bumped me. I just smiled and went around her.

She got huffy and said something.

I walked around the corner, but gave a sassy reply over my shoulder.I went back to my seat thinking, “Harrumph, I didn’t do anything wrong and how dare she be huffy with me!”

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Not a big deal, I know. It happens all the time to a lot of people in crowds.

But the lesson started here. I was wrong. My attitude was wrong, and I knew it.

If I had seen her again, I would have apologized, but I didn’t as she went on to where she was headed and I came on home.

I suddenly envisioned that all poorly chosen words are like an ugly, black tarry substance in our hearts.

In the book “The Oath,” by Frank Peretti, the author expressed a picture of sin with just such a vivid picture. He depicted how evil and sin showed in the lives of the residents of Hyde River by coming to the surface, out of their hearts, to ooze in long, sticky, stringy messes that acted like chewing gum on a hot day.

It stuck to everything it touched and wouldn’t come off.

After a while, the residents got used to it and didn’t notice it.

Our harsh words are like that. They splatter like a paintball and ooze everywhere. When you’ve scored a direct hit, you contaminate the person you are aiming at. But those words also leave collateral damage.

The bystanders that get hit with the sticky splatters feel ugly, too. And after a while, just like the fictional residents of Hyde River, you don’t notice that you are doing it or that it’s being done to you.

Words of love and kindness are different.

They are like beautiful golden glitter that reflects the light and shimmers and shines. They coat those at whom you aim with golden light.

Words of love and kindness will also effect collaterally, and can cause those around to feel decorated and special. That beauty will draw others to the source of the light. Take that picture farther. Imagine a community filled with people covered with “sparkling love hits.” The teen in the morning rushing to get to school, yourself going about your busy schedule, your spouse going off to work, children in the neighborhood schoolyard, all going about with “sparkling love hits” and spreading it around as they go through their day.

Words of love can transform.

How can we have these transforming words of love in us to share if we don’t go to the Source every day?

Fill yourself each morning with Bible reading and meditation on God’s Word and you will be loaded with the right ammunition. It’s a valuable lesson to learn.

And to the young woman at the airport: I’m sorry I didn’t learn it sooner and cover your day in sparkling, transforming love.

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