Pastor Tim Douglas: Seek & Find |

Pastor Tim Douglas: Seek & Find

Tim Douglas, Pastor, Ridgeview Church of God

There is a lot of anticipation for Christmas to arrive in less than a week. Children as well as adults get excited about receiving gifts under the tree from those they love and also in giving gifts to others.

Just over 2,000 years ago the greatest gift that could ever be given arrived in a stable behind an inn in Bethlehem in Judea.

The gift was wrapped in strips of cloth and laid in a feed trough. The gift was announced to shepherds watching out for predators at night as the sheep slept.

After the announcement to the shepherds of the birth of a Savior they decided to go into Bethlehem and find this new Savior. The story says they hurried to find him.

I imagine they ran through the streets looking in every stable they could until in the distance they see the stable behind the inn and they see the glow of light. They ran to the entrance of the stable and looked in and saw in the flickering light of a lamp a man, a woman, and a baby lying in a manger just as the angel had said they would find.

I can just image they stood in awe and their mouths dropped open as their eyes looked at the Son of God in the flesh.

The shepherds probably approached quietly so not to disturb the family and especially the baby. The shepherds no doubt told Joseph and Mary about their encounter with the angel telling them about this child and about the message the host of angels shared.

The shepherds left that stable changed forever. The Bible says they told everyone they knew and anyone who would listen about what they had seen and heard.

The event of the birth of Jesus has already happened just as his birth had already happened when the shepherds heard from the angel about the birth of a Savior.

Now a decision must be made. Do we go to seek him, to know him, to allow him to fulfill the purpose of his birth, to become our Savior and Lord?

The shepherds heard the news and decided to go find this Savior. I would venture to say that most people in Craig and Moffat County have heard the news, that Jesus came to die on the cross to forgive all sins and restore all mankind to a right relationship with God.

Now a personal decision needs to be made.

The great news is that Jesus is not hiding and he is not hard to find. Wherever you are right at this moment, you can simply acknowledge his presence and either speak out loud or to yourself that you believe Jesus is the Son of God and that he died to forgive your sins.

Then simply ask Jesus to be your Savior and forgive you of your sin and be Lord of your life. He will remove all your sin, the things that separate us from God, and be your Savior as he intended to be over 2,000 years ago.

Those who seek him will find him! God Bless! Merry Christmas!

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