Pastor Linda Taylor: White lies or not, the truth will set you free |

Pastor Linda Taylor: White lies or not, the truth will set you free

Pastor Linda Taylor, Maybell Community Bible Church

I’ve recently come across situations in which I was told it was better to tell a “little white lie” rather than hurt another person’s feelings.

I was told telling the truth wouldn’t work, so I should lie rather than be honest.

I remember times I’ve asked my husband, “How do I look?,” when I’m wearing something different that I’m not sure about. All along, I thought there should be only one answer: “Great.”

I will even tell him it’s OK if he lies, but then I become upset with him when I realize he’s not telling the truth, so he’s in a no-win situation.

Ever been there, guys?

When he says it doesn’t look so good, which is not what I wanted to hear, I go stomping off to another room with the echo of his words, “You asked.” All along, I know I really wasn’t looking as good as I thought or I wouldn’t have asked him in the first place.

Ladies, we could make it a lot easier on ourselves when we put something on but aren’t sure how it looks by trusting our own judgment. If you don’t like it, chances are he’s not going to like it, either.

This will avoid World War III in your house. And, some words of wisdom to husbands: Sometimes she’s asking because it would be nice to hear you say she looks nice.

Now, let’s look at the meaning of “little white lie.”

My first question is, why do we call it a “little white lie?” Does that make it sound better because it’s not a big lie?

A lie is a lie, no matter how big or small.

The Bible tells me the truth will set me free instead of continuing to cover up my “little white lie.” Once you start lying, you will have to continue to lie until it grows from a little lie to one big lie.

By the way, why do we use the color white? Maybe the color makes it sound better, makes it more pure?

I don’t know, but I’ve never heard anyone call it a black, red or even purple lie. Yes, I’m being ridiculous, but so is telling a “little white lie.”

Who am I trying to protect, the person I’m telling the “little white lie” to or myself?

There is always a right way to tell the truth, and still not hurt anyone. Just try it. I know you would rather tell and hear the truth than live a lie.

God bless.

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