Pastor Linda Taylor: Hash Browns |

Pastor Linda Taylor: Hash Browns

Pastor Linda Taylor, Maybell Community Bible Church

Last week I thought I would surprise my husband and fix him a nice breakfast.

I was going all out: bacon, eggs, hash browns toast, and a glass of orange juice. I thought he would be surprised, mostly shocked being this does not happen very often. It’s usually a slice of toast and some bacon.

I started getting the food out to fix and realized I didn’t have any hash browns, I had potatoes I could have peeled and fried, “but let’s not get carried away.” Frozen hash browns is the only way to go.

My husband was busy working outside, so that gave me time to run to the store for some frozen hash browns. I hurried and grabbed my purse and keys and headed for the store thinking, “how surprised he will be to have a nice breakfast.”

My trip to the store was successful, “freshly frozen hash brown.” I hurried into the house to cook the breakfast.

Just as my husband came into the house, all excited I asked him if he was ready for some breakfast. He replied no he wasn’t hungry.

All I could say was but, but, you must be hungry, once again he replies no. My first thought was to throw the frozen hash browns that were still in my hand, at him, instead I threw them in the freezer slamming the door, a small clue to my husband that I was not happy with him.

He quietly goes into the living room to watch television, thinking it was a much safer place to be. Later when he was hungry, my attitude had slightly changed on cooking anything, and out came a bag of potato chips. Hey it works, it’s still a potato minus bacon eggs and toast.

I never told my husband what I was planning, so he had no idea why I was upset with him. It’s called a lack of communication.

You know we do the same thing in our prayer lives we don’t seem to communicate enough with Jesus, we look for help but never take the time to talk to him. Yes the scripture says he knows our thoughts, (Psalm 94:11 The Lord knows the thoughts of man) but wouldn’t it be nice to share them with him.

It would have been better if I had shared my thoughts with my husband that day, instead of getting upset. I didn’t stay upset very long because I realized he didn’t have any idea what I had planned.

So a few days later when he said,” I’m hungry,” I fixed breakfast for him, no potato chips, hash brown all the way.

Please take the time to give Jesus your thoughts, he would like to hear them from you. There’s a song we sing, it’s called have a little talk with Jesus, it’s never to late.

God Bless everyone.

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