Parents need to be involved with kids ‘first day’ |

Parents need to be involved with kids ‘first day’

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— With the first day of school just around the corner, the Craig Community Wellness Team is working to get parents more involved in that important day.

For the second straight year, the team, led by Chris Trujillo, is sponsoring the First Day of School program that involves parents accompanying their children to school.

“We heard about the idea from a CEO in Vermont who pushed this in an effort to show support of the children,” Trujillo said. “It is a very simple idea. All we ask is that parents support their children by taking them to school. It is the idea of celebrating and supporting the first day of school.”

The idea, although simple, should have lasting effects. Trujillo hopes that the support parents show by bringing their children to school the first day will carry on throughout the school year.

This year the team is focusing on students at the elementary level.

One problem with the program is that the majority of parents are working and not able to get time off from their jobs to participate. In Vermont, where the program began, many employers offer to give parents wishing to participate in the event the day off.

Not only does the program show support for students from parents, but it also has financial benefits. According to Trujillo, ambassadors from the Community Wellness Team will be at each school and they will be handing out coupons from local businesses such as Subway, Burger King, and McDonald’s. Also, each student and parent will receive a sticker show they participated. Posters and fliers have been sent to area businesses.

Mary Morris, Community Wellness Team member, believes the program is a tremendous way to start the school year.

“This is a formal way to say we support our children and their educational achievements,” Morris said.

The Community Wellness Team has been active in Craig for two years and they receive funding and materials from the The Memorial Hospital and the Colorado Northwest Community College. The team is made up of volunteers and each year they get more and more involvement. In the past two years, their work has included the First Day of School program, distributing Healthwise pamphlets and have helped with the Children’s Fair.

“We have people with a lot of energy and good ideas on how to improve community wellness,” Trujillo said.


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