Pam Wilson-Orth: To all our brave soldiers, thank you |

Pam Wilson-Orth: To all our brave soldiers, thank you

Pam Wilson-Orth

My brother have I told you

That I'm proud you fought a war.

To give our family freedom and more.

You went in as a child

And came out as a man.

Dedicated to American

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Throughout our beloved land.

The painful sight of Vietnam

Locked inside your mind.

Dropping from the helicopter

To stand on the front line.

Knowing what I know now

Is not what I knew then.

My brother a brave hero

Took the Lead with all his men.

You tread through unsafe waters,

You hiked the unsafe ground.

The grueling hours of fighting …

The painful sense of sound.

101st Airborne had to stand alone,

Wondering if Broken Arrow

Would come to take them home.

Against all odds, they left that ground,

Accomplished what they went for,

As heroes that they all should be

They fought the Vietnam War.

Editor's note: Pam Wilson-Orth, of Craig, submitted her poem "To all our brave soldiers, thank you" in honor of her brother, Ron McHenry, 101st Airborne, Third of 506.

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